Is Korean Cosmetics Good And The Pros And Cons Of Korean Cosmetics

Is Korean Cosmetics Good and the Pros and Cons of Korean Cosmetics

In this article, I will tell about Korean cosmetics, why it is so popular, is it so effective, about its advantages, see if it has any disadvantages, and also tell about my personal experience using cosmetics from Korean manufacturers.

How Did My Acquaintance With Korean Cosmetics Begin?

10-step Korean skin care routine

It all started with the fact that I decided to grow eyelashes and looked for 100% aloe vera gel in order to make eyelash masks out of it. While reading about the best aloe vera gels, I came across articles about Korean skin care.

What struck me most was how Koreans have such perfect, flowless, radiant glass skin. And what interested me was that they promised that with proper skin care and with the right choice of cosmetic products, I can achieve the same result.

I read a bunch of articles about Korean cosmetics in one go and fired up an idea of ​​getting perfect, glass skin.

How Korean Cosmetics Transformed My Skin

My skin type

I have normal skin type. At that time I was 19 and I had more or less normal skin, a little oily, with blackheads and prone to small rashes during hormonal periods. So for myself, I chose the line from Holika Holika with aloe vera, as aloe soothes inflammation, heals and moisturizes the skin well.

Results of using the Korean skin care routine

The result pleased me in the first week of use. In the second week, the skin acquired a healthy appearance, the skin tone smoothed out and rashes became much less.

Holika Holika Aloe Soothing Essence Skin Care Special Kit
Image credit: Holika Holika

After a month of regular use of Korean skin care, it became my habit and became my morning and evening ritual. Spending 10-15 minutes in the morning and evening for skin care is, of course, might be tiring, but it worth it. Clean, radiant, moisturized skin without a hint of rashes.

Honestly, I can’t imagine my life without this skin care anymore.

How to Look Good Without Makeup

Like any girl, I always wanted to look good without makeup. And Korean skin care gave me exactly what I need. The whole point of Korean cosmetics and Asian skin care is not to hide problems with makeup. But to solve them and prevent the causes of their occurrence.

Now my skin looks great and without makeup. What else is needed for the complete happiness of a modern girl?

But I probably will never dare to say that I have perfect (glass) skin, because this will mean that I have already achieved my goal and will not get a better result. I prefer to just do my morning and evening ritual, try new cosmetics, experiment and strive for more.

Best Korean toners for glass skin

It was my personal experience using Korean cosmetics and my personal opinion about it.

And now we turn to the generally recognized facts about Korean cosmetics and the opinion of cosmetologists in this regard.

Pros Of Korean Cosmetics

Korean cosmetics appeared on the world market relatively recently, but pretty quickly won the hearts of millions of beauties around the world. So what is its secret, conquered the beautiful half of humanity (and not only her)?

Now I will reveal all the cards of the Korean beauty industry, and together with you I will try to figure out what is so good in Korean cosmetics.

1. Naturalness

Naturalness is one of the main advantages of Korean cosmetics.

Korean cosmetics is famous for its natural compounds all over the world. Who if not Koreans care so much that their cosmetics don’t have parabens, silicones, mineral oil, animal materials, artificial colors and other components harmful to our skin and health.

Natural ingredients are a feature of Korean cosmetics. For example, volcanic clay from Hallasan Mountain on Jeju Island cleanses pores. Soybean extracts have a tightening and regenerating effect, and fruit acids perfectly remove dead cells.

Pros of Korean cosmetics naturalness

What I like most is that even in our modern conditions and the degree of pollution of the planet, Koreans have managed to find a way out.

Some brands, for example, Innisfree, grow their cosmetic ingredients on Jeju Island in completely environmentally friendly conditions.

And, of course, most brands are ardent environmentalists, they don’t use non-degradable plastic and don’t conduct animal tests.

Agree, for nature and animal lovers this is very important.

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2. Health Attention

Perhaps the main advantage of Korean cosmetics is that Koreans attach great importance to skin health. They generally have the concepts of beauty and health go hand in hand.

When you have beautiful, clean, radiant skin without flaws, there is no need for tons of foundation. Beautiful, healthy skin is the main decoration of any woman and any man.

Pros of Korean cosmetics health attention

Korean cosmetics just replete with products to eliminate a wide variety of skin problems. And all because the main principle of South Korean skin care is to eliminate imperfections, rather than mask them!

Asian beauties prefer to prevent the occurrence of problems, which is why they always use sunscreens and constantly moisturize the skin. Properly selected daily care will help prevent the appearance of the first wrinkles, acne, age spots and any other problems.

Don’t neglect skin care, even if you are now 18 years old and everything is in order with your skin. Even at a very young age, the skin needs hydration, nutrition and protection.

3. Innovative Approach

Pros of Korean cosmetics innovative approach

In the beauty industry, all the most popular trends were set by Korean cosmetologists. And the whole world is waiting with bated breath what new things these resourceful guys have prepared for us. And this is not surprising – the cosmetic market in South Korea is one of the fastest growing in the world. If Paris used to set fashion, now the Korean beauty industry dictates trends.

It was Korean cosmetics that revealed to everyone an important secret in facial skin care, which immediately became a trend around the world.

Of course, we are talking about a multi-stage care system, where each stage plays a special role. Cleansing, toning, nutrition, moisturizing – such a thorough care allows the skin to always remain young, beautiful, and most importantly – healthy.

The Asian multi-step skin care system has no analogues in the world of self-care, it is completely unique, and the number of its adherents is growing from year to year.

4. Price And Efficiency

What is good about Korean cosmetics for face? Of course, its effectiveness. Who would use it if it were not effective.

Korea is quite democratic in terms of prices. Firms buy components right from the factories that manufacture them, which significantly reduces the price of finished products.

Pros of Korean cosmetics price and efficiency

And besides, they simply cannot overstate the price – in many respects this is facilitated by healthy competition. As well as manufacturers are constantly improving product quality and use new ingredients. Most of the components of cosmetics for them are readily available, so the cost of the final product is not high.

The state has a great influence on price formation. It not only controls the process of production and sale of cosmetic products. South Korea purchases materials at the state level and distributes them among manufacturers. It also provides low cost cosmetics for the end customer.

Best value for money

Unlike analogues of European and American manufacturers, it has the best value for money.

There are more than 2000 cosmetic brands in Korea. Such high competition of Korean brands forces to produce really high-quality products at low prices. Moreover, the multi-billion dollar turnover and the highest demand can reduce the cost without loss of quality.

Korean cosmetics brands

In other words, you get the quality of “luxury” at a price 2-3 times lower.

If you compare the compositions of cosmetic products of European and South Korean brands, you can easily see that for the same set of ingredients when buying a Korean product you can pay 2, or even 3 times less than when buying a similar European one.

The quality of “luxury”, at a price 2-3 times lower than its European analogues, gives Korean cosmetics a huge advantage and makes it accessible to millions of people who previously could only dream of good quality care.

5. Focused On Skin Cleansing

Unlike other cosmetics, Korean cosmetics focus on skin cleansing. According to local experts, clean skin absorbs nutrients better and this approach really works, showing excellent results.

Skin cleansing Koreans are divided into 3 steps: cleansing the skin with hydrophilic oil and cleansing the skin with water-based products, then regular peeling.

Since Koreans pay great attention to cleansing their skin, there are a huge variety of cleansers: gels, creams, hydrophilic oil and, of course, foams.

Koreans use hydrophilic oil both in the morning and in the evening – it deeply cleanses the pores and leaves a feeling of freshness after use.

Koreans have a whole system of skin cleansing it is called 424. It helps to better cleanse the skin and get rid of black heads.


For owners of combination or oily skin, Korean cleansers are a real gift. They cleanse well, regulate the production of sebum and don’t violate the pH of the skin.

For owners of dry skin, Korean cleansers will be a real salvation. They gently cleanse the skin and don’t leave a feeling of tightness. They don’t dry the skin, but rather moisturize.

What to pay attention to?

Of course, not all Korean cleansers are so perfect, there are also those that dry the skin and cleanse it until it squeaks. But this applies to some foams and gels. Therefore, you need to carefully read the reviews and composition of the products.

If you have dry skin, then I advise you to pay attention to cleansing creams. They cleanse the skin well and don’t dry out at all, because they have quite oily texture.

But the foam must be chosen carefully and, if possible, take mini versions or samples first. Personally, I really liked the two cleansing foams. One not too popular from Holika Holika Less on Skin Redness Calming CICA Cleansing Foam, and the second best-seller from Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser. They both cleanse the skin well, but not to squeaking and after them there is no feeling of tightness.

But I liked the foam from Klairs much more – after it the skin is very soft and velvety.

6. UV Protection

Another plus is the fact that Korean cosmetics – creams, cushions, BB creams, even lip balms – are endowed with high protective properties against dangerous ultraviolet radiation and other aggressive environmental factors.

Any Korean cosmetic company has a wide range of sunscreens.

Pros of Korean cosmetics UV protection

Everyone knows that the cult of snow-white skin is developed in Asia and the use of sunscreen is one of the most important points in Asian skin care.

Therefore, Koreans like no other protect their skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation. It also helps them stay young and beautiful for longer.

7. Suitable For Europeans

It used to be that Korean cosmetics are only suitable for Koreans, that they have different skin, and for Europeans such cosmetics are simply not effective. Here lies the misconception that each race has its own skin and each race, respectively, needs its own cosmetics.

Sounds crazy, right? But unfortunately, some people still think so.

Skin toner

But fortunately, UK scientists have done a great research on this subject.

And they came to the conclusion: between individual differences in the quality of the skin suppress any racial differences.

In other words, your and your friend skin can differ much more than Zendaya’s and Emma Watson’s.

Yes, we live in different conditions, we have different skin colors, but everyone has the same skin structure. The structure of the skin doesn’t depend on ethnicity.

The basic methods for maintaining and improving beauty, health and youth are the same for all races. It’s just that the Korean skin care system is more advanced.

10-step Korean skin care routine

If this doesn’t convince you, then here is another argument …

Have you ever heard of ODM (original design manufacturer)? This is a type of cooperation between companies when one orders the development and production of goods from another and puts it on sale under its own brand.

ODM manufacturer Korea Kolmar has pioneered this model, and although they are cautious in choosing their customers, they already include L’Oreal and Johnson & Johnson.

Cosmax is another South Korean brand that also offers ODM and OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

Unlike ODM, in which they order not only manufacturing, but also to develop products in accordance with customer specifications, OEMs are engaged in manufacturing, and the customer himself develops and designs.

Cosmax customer list: Lancome, Shu Uemura, Yves Saint Laurent, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Johnson & Johnson.

8. Useful Makeup

And with what, in fact, began the love of Korean cosmetics? Perhaps the most innovative means for European and American women were BB creams that simply blew up the world of the beauty industry!

You must admit that combining concealer and care products in one product has become a truly wise decision that helps girls create perfect makeup while taking care of skin health.

For a long time, BB cream has been associated exclusively with the world of Korean cosmetics. But few know that the creator of the first BB cream was a dermatologist from Germany. It was used to mask scars after plastic surgery. Even then, it was not just a tinting agent for the skin, but also treating.

Koreans borrowed a formula developed by German dermatologists and significantly improved it.

And in the end, after decades, BB cream and Korean cosmetics have become a kind of synonyms. In Asian countries, BB cream is one of the most popular and sought-after cosmetic product!

Gradually, this cosmetic product becomes known throughout the world. In 2012, the product became popular in the European market. At the same time, until now, Western analogues are significantly inferior to Korean brands engaged in the production of these funds.

Korean products have a stronger hiding power. In addition, in its composition it has more useful ingredients that nourish the skin.

In Korea, the abbreviation BB cream means blemish balm.

BB cream to deal with skin problems

Among the variety of powders, BB and SS creams, you can easily find exactly the product that will help eliminate rashes, moisturize the skin, lighten pigmentation and even deal with small wrinkles.

And also a big plus of BB cream is that it has a sun-protection factor, which allows not to apply sunscreen additionally under it.

The product really transforms the skin after the first application, and therefore the results are obvious. The popularity of cosmetics is growing every day, and there are more and more people who want to try them. Many people say that after using BB cream, the skin becomes taut and looks younger.

9. Convenient Use

I don’t know how for you, but for me is very important that use of cosmetic products was convenient, and their packaging was hygienic.

Fortunately, the Koreans took care of this as well. All products are designed to be safe and convenient to use.

Pros of Korean cosmetics convenient use

Manufacturers of Korean cosmetics are very prudent – in order to prevent microbes from multiplying in jars of cream, the kit most often has a special spatula. Many bottles are very durable and sealed, many toners, for example, have an additional foil barrier under the cap, and masks and eye patches have additional tight caps. Liquid products have convenient pipettes or dispensers.

In addition, Korean packaging allows the products to be stored for a long time, which makes it possible not to add aggressive and harmful preservatives to them.

This approach helps to economically use cosmetics and not worry about the hygiene of its use.

10. Exotic Ingredients

Only in Korean cosmetology can you find so many amazing, at first glance, components. Here are snail mucin, and snake venom, and gold, and silkworm cocoons, and swallow’s nest extract, and bee venom … What is there!

Each time, getting acquainted with the next new product, we shockingly exclaim: “How, and also apply this on ourselves?!” But time passes and once again we are convinced that the Korean beauty industry will not advise bad things.

Pros of Korean cosmetics exotic ingredients

Interest in hydrophilic oil, cleansing puff, self-heating masks, peeling gel, snail serums, bubble masks and other products of the Korean cosmetics industry are warmed by beauty bloggers. They regularly post on social networks reviews of miraculous Korean remedies.

Thanks them very much for that! So much more people will learn about effective Korean cosmetics and will be able to use it to change themselves, and correspondingly their lives for the better.

11. Design

Nothing catches your eye like a beautiful package. And you can say a hundred times that you can’t judge a book by its cover, or, as in our case, a cosmetic product by the design of its packaging.

But, nevertheless, the first thing that attracts our attention is an unusual cute package.

Attractive design is inherent in most Korean cosmetics. Bottles in the form of kitties, tomatoes, apples you will find in online cosmetics stores from Korea.

Pros of Korean cosmetics design

It was not for nothing that manufacturers paid due attention to the appearance of their products. It is simply impossible to pass by charming tubes with Korean cosmetics, they allure with their amazing design!

Each time you use these products, you smile, get inspired, recharge with a good mood, which means that the probability increases that the day will go brighter, easier, more fun.

If someone likes a more restrained design of cosmetics, then they will surely find something to their liking. Korean cosmetics is so diverse that it can satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

The cutest cosmetics from Tony Moly

I really like the cosmetics from Tony Moly – it is insanely cute! You can safely present such cosmetics to someone – no one will remain indifferent to such a gift.

Tony Moly cutest cosmetics

Most of all I like lip balms in the form of a panda and a peach, and also a sleeping mask in the form of a panda and a hand cream.

Tony Moly generally has a lot of all kinds of cute things. So it’s better for the faint-hearted not to watch, otherwise you can’t hold back and buy everything at once.

Etude House hand cream

I also like Etude House Missing U Hand Cream.

Here is an example of how to combine business with pleasure and how Etude House did this: cosmetic jars depict animals that are threatened with extinction, and every year the design changes. Part of the money from the sale of the cream goes to funds to help wildlife.

You can take care, for example, of penguins or pink dolphins (and they, in response, will take care of your skin).

12. Multifunctionality Of Cosmetics Or An Integrated Approach

The philosophy of Korean cosmetics is holistic skin care. True beauty comes from within. Therefore, Korean products do not only care about the surface layers of the skin.

The mission of creams, serums, or essences is to nourish and nourish the deeper layers of the derma. That is why Korean cosmetics give a long lasting result.

Pros of Korean cosmetics integrated approach

In Europe and America, cosmetics is divided into three types: decorative, for care and medical.

There is no such division in Korean cosmetics. For example, acne serum will not only relieve irritation and heal acne scars. It will also regulate the production of sebum, moisturize the skin and even smooth out fine wrinkles.

Or, for example, the BB cream that I wrote about earlier, it will not only mask imperfections on the skin and even out the complexion. It will also moisturize the skin, treat rashes and protect against ultraviolet radiation.

13. Thumbnail Sets

Many manufacturers of Korean cosmetics produce special mini kits of their most popular products. So that you can test them and make a purchasing decision.

This is convenient if there is a difficulty in choosing a shade of foundation, or with the selection cream by skin type.

Also, almost all products have probes. This is very convenient because it allows, in fact, to try the cosmetic, in order to avoid unnecessary purchases.

For those who like to travel or just take cosmetics with them, a set of miniatures of Korean cosmetics will be a real salvation. It fits easily into a cosmetic bag and can be taken with you anywhere.

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14. Wide Assortment

I don’t know about you, but I just adore when there is plenty to choose from, when the choice is so huge and varied that my eyes run up. So, I just love to experiment and try out new cosmetics with new ingredients. I don’t like to use the same products for more than 2 months. Moreover, with the change of seasons, skin care should also change slightly.

Pros of Korean cosmetics wide assortment

Korean cosmetics is distinguished by its wide range for all skin types. This gives a great opportunity to choose exactly the product that is ideal for you.

Skin care for men and women

There is no such choice of facial cosmetics like in Korea anywhere. Toners, essences, serums, emulsions, all kinds of creams, eye patches, sheet, alginate masks and sleeping masks …

Why do Korean cosmetics have such an assortment? The reason is not only the competition of manufacturers. In Korea, residents themselves love cosmetics, both men and women. Thank God, they, have no stereotypes in this regard.

According to the results of social studies, South Korean women spend 27 face care products every month, and men – about 15.

Admit that it’s great when men have beautiful, flawless skin, and when they remain young and beautiful for longer.

And who came up with such a stereotype in Europe and America that if a guy takes care of himself, then he is definitely gay. Such stereotypes prevent people from enjoying life and being beautiful.

I saw guys who are already over 25, and they are still struggling with breakouts and acne. And if they were not afraid to be ridiculed, they would get rid of them even in their teens.

But thank God, many guys gradually begin to take the example of Koreans and begin to care for their skin.

If you would like your man to take care of his skin too, then read the article how to convince your man to look after his appearance.

There you will find non-trite advice not only on how to convince your man to take care of his appearance, change the style of clothes, hairstyle … but also advice that will help you become closer with your loved one and truly understand each other.

How to Convince Your Man to Look after His Appearance

Quality control

South Korea is probably the only country in which the quality control of cosmetics production is carried out at the state level. So we can safely conclude that everything is fine with the quality. Is it not this the main factor when choosing cosmetics?

And now let’s see if there are any disadvantages of such a popular Korean cosmetics …

Cons Of Korean Cosmetics

1. Ingredients In Korean

The most obvious minus is the ingredients written in Korean. Korean cosmetics are very good, natural and effective, without the addition of harmful components. But to understand what exactly is in this or that bottle, you can learn only by learning the Korean language.

Ingredients translated into English are found only in the most popular brands.

But, for example, if you order cosmetics on the manufacturer’s website, then there is a high probability that you can find a list of ingredients in English. Well, if they are still in Korean, who’s stopping you from translating them using Google Translate?

2. Age Grouping Of Cosmetics

Due to the racial characteristics, Koreans and Europeans age differently, which naturally affects the age indicated on skin care products.

But Korean cosmetics are really very effective, you just need to learn how to understand the composition in order to understand what this or that ingredient is responsible for.

For example, snail mucin, which fights the signs of aging, will be equally effective for both Korean women and European women. Mucin is a storehouse of elastin, a collagen similar to human, glycolic and hyaluronic acid. Creams based on this component intensively moisturize, restore a healthy tone, rejuvenate and promote accelerated skin regeneration.

So Korean cosmetics will be equally effective and useful if you don’t have individual intolerance.

And by the way about that …

3. Individual Intolerance

What is suits for you may not be suitable for someone else. Due to the specific components, an allergic reaction can occur. Therefore, always test your products on your hand before applying to the face.

But Korean cosmetics have an advantage even in this. Manufacturers use natural ingredients and 99% of the products are designed for sensitive skin.

But just in case, it’s still better to test your cosmetics before applying to the face.

If suddenly you don’t know how to do this – apply a small amount of the product somewhere on the forearm (closer to the elbow, so as not to interfere during the day). And glue the patch on top, so that the product doesn’t wear off.

If you feel something unpleasant (some burning sensation, irritation or the like), then immediately peel off the patch and wash the place of application with soap and rinse well with water. After that, treat the skin with something anti-inflammatory and soothing, such as aloe vera gel.

It is better to test for several hours, then peel off the patch. But the results are best evaluated 24 hours after applying the product to the skin.

If everything is all right with your skin after such a test, then I congratulate you – this product suits you.

If the product does not suit you, then don’t rush to throw it away. It’s better to give it to someone but be sure to warn him to test it first.

4. Duration Of Skin Care Procedures

Someone may be frightened by the duration of the procedures. After all, the Korean system implies as many as 10 steps. But I hasten to reassure you, not every time you need to use all 10 steps.

10-step Korean skin care routine

You need to learn to understand what condition your skin is in and what it lacks. From time to time you need to arrange “fasting days” to your skin and apply only the most necessary products.

And for those who are just starting to get acquainted with Korean cosmetics, it is recommended at all to introduce cosmetics into their care gradually, observing changes and results.

But just the results, as a rule, become visible very quickly and push many to completely replace their care with Korean. In any case, the example of excellent glass skin and such a long youth of Koreans makes us pay attention to their experience. But to use their wisdom in this matter or not, everyone is free to decide for themselves.

For example, I made a real morning and evening ritual from skin care. It helps me to relax and just feel myself great.

Honestly, sometimes I feel terribly lazy to do this, especially if I am very tired after a busy hard day. But beauty requires sacrifice.

But is it sacrifice at all? Regular skin care helps to become more disciplined, and simply teaches to love yourself.


Korean cosmetics are natural and effective, and its choice is so huge that everyone can choose the perfect product for themselves.

Personally, I don’t find for myself the disadvantages of Korean cosmetics. Even the duration of the procedures doesn’t scare me.

On the contrary, for me, Korean skin care is a way to relax and feel amazing.

And also it teaches to love yourself and work on yourself to become better.

I have never regretted that I began to use Korean cosmetics and skin care. It really works.

Try it, you will surely succeed.

Love yourself and be beautiful.

Written by Daria

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