How to Look Good Without Makeup

How to Look Good Without Makeup

I am sure that this question excites many modern girls, because we all want to look beautiful and charming without any mask on face.

Cosmetics are good, but in order to emphasize your strengths and hide flaws, and not to make us a completely different person, right?

In this article, I will talk about how to look good without makeup, as well as about my secrets and life hacks, which I use to be attractive without makeup.

Here we go…

Actionable Tips on how to Look Good Without Makeup

Let’s start with the most obvious, but at the same time the most difficult one.

Love and Fully Accept Yourself

This is the most important and the best thing you can do for yourself – unconditionally love and fully accept yourself.

Love and fully accept yourself

But when you are clearly unhappy with yourself or perhaps even hate the way you look, it is incredibly difficult, especially if someone once humiliated and bullied you about your appearance.

But if you don’t learn to love and accept yourself, then even when you will look exactly the way you want, you will never be satisfied with the result. It will still seem to you that something is wrong with you.

If you recognize yourself at least a little in the above, then read on. Here I will tell a little of my story about how I fought and defeated my complexes. I am sure this can help you too.

If you are generally satisfied with your appearance, then you can scroll through this item and proceed to the next. Because this item came out quite long.

So, a bit of my story…

It all started at school. I think that many people know firsthand that children are evil and cruel. So I was lucky that starting from the 5th grade a classmate began to tease me. And since he was cool and popular, those who hang out with him began to assent to him.

But the thing is not that I looked bad – everything was in perfect order with my appearance, I don’t know why he disliked me. I was always pretty, and many people told me this. About him, for some reason he did not like everything about me.

And I made a mistake that many people make – instead of listening to all those who say that I am beautiful, I believed to one single person and a group of girls assenting him.

Bullied girl

And this was the beginning of not the best period in my life. I locked myself in. I began to doubt my parents, friends, acquaintances, and all the others who told me that I was beautiful. Yeah, I know this sounds idiotic, but I really suspected everyone, especially my mother, and in all seriousness told her that she was lying to me.

We often quarreled with her because of this, and I brought both myself and her to tears. It just had hurt me, I didn’t understand why it was happening with me, and how I deserve this. And I got angry both at my parents and myself and at God.

I existed somehow 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Honestly, I did not live these years – just existed. I dreamed about how to finish school, make money and do plastic surgery. That was so depressing. Because of a bunch of violent teenagers, I spent part of my childhood like this.

Depressed girl

But then, unexpectedly for me, everything changed. In grade 9, I moved to another school and something began to change in me. There were no longer those people who laughed at me, but there were others who helped me, they accepted me as I am, and it helped me to recover more or less. Only at that moment I was too selfish and fixated on myself to appreciate this.

So, starting from this time, I began to slowly learn to love myself and accept myself for who I am.

When it all dawned on me that some boy was just joking cruelly at me, and because of this I behaved like that… I felt terribly ashamed, because I had very much ruined relations with my family, with people who really love and value me.

Why am I saying all this?

Step one – learn to love others and learn to accept love

The people who surround us – they have a huge impact on us. Some with their own words can turn beautiful into ugly. While others, on the contrary, with their love, kindness and acceptance can make something truly beautiful and precious out of something ordinary.

Supporting family

Therefore, protect yourself from people who are morally destroying you. And instead surround yourself with people who love you, believe in you, and accept you.

Appreciate the people who accept you as you are, love them and do not spoil your relationship with them. This is the first step to learning how to love yourself.

Step two – who are you inside

Remember, never tell yourself that you are ugly, that no one loves you, that you can’t do something, or that you hate yourself. Just never say that.

Our words have a huge impact on our lives.

Who are you inside

Have you ever noticed that people in their 30s can often see their character in their faces. I mean the most striking features. Whatever it is – or a person is grumpy and always dissatisfied with everything, loves to gossip and judge others… Or vice versa cheerful, kind, sociable, friendly and cheerful – this is always very noticeable.

This is such a long-term contribution not only to your appearance, but also to your life and destiny as a whole. Develop good qualities in yourself. They say that the character can’t be redone – nonsense. Character can and must be changed, getting rid of bad qualities, changing them to good ones.

If you go back to my story…

I’ll make a reservation right away that I don’t impose anything on anyone, it’s just my story and I can’t rip out a piece of it, because then it will not be true.

As I mentioned earlier, for a long time I hated everyone and everything, especially God and I fell into sin. I will not tell you what exactly it was, because and so the article turned out to be too personal, just get to the point.

Be kind

But then when I turned 18 I repented and returned to God. And you know what?

After a couple of months, my family, people at school and others began to tell me that I was noticeably prettier. And the reason is that what happened in my heart continued to work and outside.

When a person has a kind, loving heart, then on the appearance it is very strongly reflected.

Step three – what you do in order to become better and prettier

Love of yourself and acceptance of yourself doesn’t mean at all that you can now give up on yourself and remain as you are. Not at all!

But before you go to the third step, you need to go through the first two.

Self improvement

What I mean?

For example, you have several kilograms of excess weight, or vice versa, you are too thin, but want to have a more feminine figure.

What do you do?

From the beginning, fully accept and love yourself like that, and then start working on yourself. You should not feel flawed or inferior because of this.

What is now, how you look is true, but not ultimate truth. Perhaps now the truth is that you are overweight, you have a small glutes or you still don’t like something about yourself. What you feel is true, but not ultimate truth.

The ultimate truth is that this has not always been and will not always be so. You can achieve everything you want, break out of the grip of low self-esteem, childhood injuries and everything else, and become what you want.

What you do in order to become better and prettier

Enlist someone’s support

First, fully accept yourself, and then begin to act. If you want to go on a diet or go in for sports or something else, it is best to enlist the support of a loved one. Let it be mom, brother, sister, boyfriend, friend or someone whom you trust the most and you know that this person will never laugh at you and your dreams.

Tell this person about what you want to achieve, what you want to become and ask to support you.

Enlist someone's support

If there is no such person, and unfortunately this often happens, then you will have to act differently.

But if you have enough money, then you can engage with a personal trainer. If you cannot afford it, then it is best to develop your willpower and find a way for yourself to remain motivated all the time.

By the way, even if you work out in the gym without a trainer, just ask the people from your gym to help you. Do not be afraid to ask for help – this is not a shame.

There is another very bold advice, but it is not for everyone

I call it “all or nothing.” Just use your haters to your advantage. Just tell them that you decided to pull yourself together and turn from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Tell them that you are starting to do fitness and in a year you will look like Anllela Sagra or someone else of your choice.

But keep in mind that 100%, that after such a statement, your haters will begin to bully you even more. And say that you will not be able to do anything and the like.

Use them as a motivation – if you give up, they will destroy you. And if you achieve your goal, you will prove to yourself that, whatever others say, you can achieve everything you want.

Just do not get arrogant because you have reached your goal. Be simple and open even to your haters and for all your success give glory to God.

And what did I do in order to become better and more prettier?

I began to take care of myself, changed my clothing style, and began to grow eyelashes, eyebrows and hair. I also started playing sports – I ran, pumped my glutes, and did stretching.


And now there is no trace left of my childhood injuries and complexes – God has healed my soul, and I am sure that if you want, He will do the same for you and even more.

Now I try, by my example, to motivate other people to become better, play sports and take care of yourself and not be afraid to fulfill your wildest dreams. And also I try to be such that people reconsider their attitude to Christianity and stop thinking that these are continuous restrictions.


If you want to look good without makeup, then your skin should look perfect.

There should be no rashes, blackheads, bruises and bags under the eyes, there should be no peeling, irritation, and the like.

Perfect skin

At first glance, it may seem that the mission is impossible.

But everything is not as complicated as it seems.

It’s all about the regular skin care, which needs to be devoted 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. Sounds not hard, right?

Skin care essentials

You will need only 5 basic skin care products – cleansing foam, toner, emulsion, cream and sun protection.

Just read the article 10-step Korean skin care routine, there I wrote in detail what and how to use, and also gave some recommendations for beginners.

If you have pale skin and you think that you look like a pale grebe, then read the article white skin – it is beautiful or how to look good with pale skin.

10-step Korean skin care routine
White Skin is Beautiful or how to Look Good with Pale Skin
Is Korean Cosmetics Good and the Pros and Cons of Korean Cosmetics

I have been caring for my skin according to the Korean method since 19 years old and use exclusively Korean cosmetics for this. Read the article is Korean cosmetics good and the pros and cons of Korean cosmetics to find out why.

I used to have more or less normal skin, a little oily, prone to rashes during hormonal periods and a little blackheads.

But using Korean cosmetics and Korean skin care just transformed my skin. The skin became smooth, radiant, moisturized, no more rashes and blackheads. And I also really like the fact that my complexion is evened out and it often seems like I had applied BB cream, but this is not so.

The results were not long in coming. I saw the first results two weeks later, and after a month I didn’t recognize my reflection in the mirror.

Just take care of your skin properly, love yourself and don’t be lazy to spend 10 minutes twice a day caring for your skin.

Try it, you won’t regret it.

Move on to the next point…

Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Eyebrows and eyelashes

Eyebrows and eyelashes are what make our eyes and face as a whole expressive and beautiful. Have you ever seen a photo of a person without eyebrows – a terrible sight.

There was such a trend on instagram on bleached eyebrows, but to be honest I don’t understand it. And it seems to me that looking good with such eyebrows, (more precisely, without eyebrows at all) without makeup, and with makeup, is very difficult.

But this is my personal opinion, if someone likes it that way, then do that.

So, how to look good without makeup?

Beautiful, thick and expressive eyelashes and eyebrows will help you with this. Achieving such a result is not so difficult.

There are tons of ways to grow eyelashes and eyebrows from home remedies to professional serums and gels.

Long eyelashes

I tried somehow to buy a special gel for eyelashes and eyebrows – it works, but if you compare it with castor mal, the only advantage of this gel is that it doesn’t leave a greasy shine.

And I like to use castor oil for growing eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as sweet almond oil, aloe vera gel, as well as liquid vitamins in capsules A and E. I use these both together and separately.

To use it together I made myself such a vitamin gel for eyelashes…

The basis is aloe vera gel, I take a teaspoon of it, then add 5 drops of castor oil and 5 drops of almond oil, as well as one capsule of vitamin A and E.

Then I mix everything thoroughly and the gel is ready.

Next, I pour the resulting mixture into an empty mascara tube. I prefer not to waste time cleaning the tube, I like to use already clean. Such an empty mascara tube can be bought on Amazon or AliExpress for less than $1.

How to grow long eyelashes at home

Only, the only thing is not to overdo it with oils, masks and vitamins for eyelashes. This is also bad.

Castor oil, for example, can be alternated with almond oil and applied to the eyelashes every evening before bedtime and do a light massage with fingertips. Just don’t overdo it, otherwise you’ll break your eyelashes.

But all these masks and homemade gels can be applied to the eyelashes 3 times a week.

When to wait for the first effect of all these procedures?

The first effect can be seen in two weeks after regular use.

But a truly chic result will have to wait 2-3 months.

Only if you use mascara, rinse it off very carefully and carefully, so as not to injure your eyelashes.

And if you have a habit of pulling out eyelashes when you are nervous or tired, then wean it urgently, otherwise it will nullify all your efforts.

We figured out how to grow eyelashes and eyebrows.

But what if the eyebrows are naturally very light and eyelashes are not visible at all?

You can just do so…

For eyelashes, make a salon procedure lamination, and for eyebrows, dyeing with henna or paint.

These procedures are usually done once a month, eyebrows can be dyed more often.

Light eyebrows and eyelashes

After this procedure, your eyelashes will be beautifully curled, saturated with useful substances and vitamins and colored. And the eyebrows, even if you do not have so many, will look quite natural and have a beautiful shape.

But, the only thing is that lamination for eyelashes gives a really amazing result, but you first need to grow your eyelashes. And also continue to care for them after these procedures.

But after these procedures, you can say without a twinge of conscience that you do not have makeup on. After all, you do not stain them every day, right? Then this does not count.


Yes, you read right. It is the hair that largely determines how the face looks.

The hair should be clean, well-groomed, well-styled, even if you pick it in a regular tail.

I have long, thick hair, which if not properly looked after, is prone to fluffy. But I learned how to care for them, and it doesn’t give me much trouble.

Long blonde hair

In short, I wash my hair twice a week using professional hair care cosmetics.

Due to the fact that I often train and generally lead an active lifestyle, my hair is sometimes oily, then I use dry shampoo. And this really saves the situation and eliminates the need to wash your hair three times a week.

And we move on…


Beautiful, well-groomed lips always look charming, even without any lipstick.

Therefore, always moisturize your lips with lip balm, do a lip scrub 2 times a week.

I often use a toothbrush instead of a special lip scrub immediately after brushing my teeth.

Lip scrub

As a moisturizer, I use Korean lip balms with a slightly coloring effect. As for the balms, it doesn’t really matter to me that they are Korean. They just have such cute packaging that I don’t want to look at anything ordinary after them at all.

I also use my favorite aloe vera gel to moisturize. I use it simply for everything – and as an additional moisturizer for the face and lips, as the basis for a homemade eyelash gel and as a soothing gel after hair removal or shaving, and as a moisturizing body gel… In short, it is simply irreplaceable for me.

If you also want to try aloe vera gel, I advise you to read the article best Korean aloe vera gels.

And we move on to the next point.

How can one talk about beautiful lips and not to mention a charming smile…


Beautiful well-groomed lips should be complemented by a beautiful smile. So don’t be lazy to look after your teeth, regularly go to the dentist and hygienist.

I’m not even talking about white teeth and a Hollywood smile. Although it is very beautiful. I rather speak simply of the absence of caries, black fillings and crooked teeth.

Beautiful smile

To be honest, in childhood I had not too strong and healthy teeth and they often deteriorated. For one trip to the dentist I did 2 teeth for sure, and there were several trips a year, let’s say.

I don’t even know how many fillings I have I just know that a lot, but the worst thing was that these fillings were metal.

And as you yourself understand, it looked completely unaesthetic, and I did not like it at all.

At 19, I decided to rectify the situation and replace the tooth fillings. I chose to put myself ceramic fillings.

Immediately make a reservation, this procedure is not too cheap, but it is worth it.

Dental services

I have never had any special problems with an overbite. I thought to put braces on my lower teeth, but on the whole I’m satisfied with my teeth.

So if you are not comfortable with your smile or the condition of your teeth, then sign up for a good doctor, work on it.

But the most beautiful smile is that which is from the heart, sincere and real. But the beauty of the teeth is also worth to work on it.

By the way, problems with teeth very often affect the condition of the skin, from acne to wrinkles. So take care of them better.

Get Enough Sleep

This is the easiest thing you can do to look beautiful without makeup.

You need to sleep for 7-8 hours a day, no more no less. If you sleep less, it can lead to serious health problems ranging from acne and depression to heart and blood vessel problems.

Be sure to spend time in bed from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. It is at this time that the renewal process in cells and tissues starts.

In general, for me the most ideal is to go to bed at 10 or 11, and get up at 5, 6 or 7, respectively.

Healthy sleep

And if you sleep longer, it is also harmful, at least because you will feel lethargic and dented.

If you feel pity for spending as much as 8 hours sleeping, and you think that if you sleep less, you have more time… Then everything is just the opposite. Only well getting enough sleep you will feel vigorous and energetic.

Girls, if you don’t have enough time to take care of yourself, then read my article how to look good everyday or my self grooming life hacks.

There I talked about my schedule for a week of taking care of myself, as well as about life hacks that help take care of myself much faster and more efficiently. If you want to look astonishing for yourself and your family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year, and not just on holidays or on other important days somehow, then be sure to click on the link.

Healthy Food

How we eat affects a lot and the state of our health, and our skin, and our performance, productivity and our mood.

In the article proper nutrition for beautiful healthy skin, I spoke in detail about the products that have a positive effect on the skin, help get rid of acne, slow down the aging process, and so on.

To be honest, my food is not 100% healthy. I try to ensure that my diet is 80% healthy, and 20% I allow myself to relax and eat what I want.

Since as much as 80% of all food that I eat is healthy, the remaining 20% ​​don’t affect the condition of my skin or anything else.

Food for clear skin

I know that nutritionists, and just lovers of all kinds of diets, will criticize me to the nines for these 20%. But to be honest, I don’t care.

Because I know one thing that many people forget about – food is made for a person, not a person for food. I am not going to bring myself to the altar of exceptionally healthy food and deprive myself of such small joys of life.

I just try to have a healthy attitude towards everything, including food.

In addition, if you used to eat junk food and suddenly decided to start eating healthy at 100%, then the probability is 99% that you will soon give up and return to your usual way of life.

A little advice, for those who are going to start eating right – do it for your pleasure.

For example, I like to eat healthy foods, fruits, vegetables, low-fat meats, drink juices and green tea, and so on. If I didn’t like it, then I would have abandoned it a long time ago.

Exercise Regularly

Physical activity has a positive effect not only on health and appearance. It also raises the mood and develops willpower and discipline.

To be honest, I just enjoy training, whether it’s running, fitness, martial arts, stretching or horseback riding. I also like the feeling of tiredness after a workout – I feel like I’m getting better every time.


So choose for yourself a sport or several that you want to practice and practice for your pleasure.

The main thing is to do it regularly, only then will it be useful.


If you want to look gorgeous without makeup, then the main key to this is self-love and self-acceptance. And only then work on yourself and your shortcomings.

Girls, don’t nag yourself and others around the fact that you don’t like the way you look and don’t seek someone’s approval or recognition. Because, as a rule, most people just don’t care.

If you are already unaccustomed to see yourself without makeup, then at least start with less makeup. Learn to love yourself without a mask.

And remember that your inner state determines a lot. Our internal state is like the surface of a table. As long as the legs support it, everything will be fine.

The legs of the table are those people who make us feel loved and significant. And for all these are different people – family, friends, boyfriend…

But if you don’t have love for yourself and something happens, for example, your friends go abroad or you suddenly split up with your boyfriend… Then your table will become shaky, because there are not a few legs that supported it. And because of this, you may begin to feel that nobody needs you, you may feel unloved, or inferior.

To prevent this from happening, your table needs one main leg, which will stand in the center and support the table, even if there are no other legs. And this main leg is your love for yourself.

Then, no matter what happens, you can enjoy life, feel loved and give love to others.

I took this allegory with a table and legs from the channel on YouTube Charisma on Command. In this channel Charlie Houpert generally says a lot about love for yourself, about accepting yourself and about charisma. But one of my favorite videos is Why you don’t feel good enough. I reviewed it many times and each time I find it incredibly useful and interesting.

I hope this article was helpful to you and you found in it exactly what you were looking for.

Work on yourself, be patient and you will succeed.

Love yourself and be beautiful!

Written by Daria

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