How To Convince Your Man To Look After His Appearance – A Step-By-Step Guide

How to convince your man to look after his appearance

Handsome, smart, funny, attentive, gentle, caring, enterprising, loyal, kind, loving, strong, athletic, ambitious, purposeful – in my opinion, these are the qualities of an ideal man. You might think that all these qualities belong to 14 different people, but that’s not true. It always works, what comes around goes around. You can have everything at once, and in this article, and I will tell you how to do that and how to convince your man to look after his appearance.

I dedicate this article to all women and girls, wives and girlfriends who want their man’s appearance to improve, as well as those who want to improve their relationships with their beloved.

Are you intrigued? Then let’s get started…

How To Convince Your Man To Look After His Appearance?

Unfortunately, many men, especially in post-Soviet countries, as well as Europe and America, don’t pay due attention to their appearance. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, many fear that they will be ridiculed for not being masculine enough. Secondly, there is a stereotype that if a man takes care of his appearance, then he is gay.

Yes, many modern men live in a world of such limitations. So, let’s not pressure them, but treat them with understanding and help them break free from these stereotypes and other people’s opinions.

There is no greater power on earth capable of influencing a man more than his woman

There is no greater power on earth capable of influencing a man more than his woman.

This is not just a proven fact – it is a truth that, unfortunately, many women don’t understand or use it incorrectly.

The truth is that with your love, respect, care, your own example and the right reaction, you can create anything you want out of your man. You can get exactly the same ideal man that you always dreamed about, only the thing is what you are doing for this.

In this article, I will give you 13 actionable tips on how to convince your man to look after his appearance.

Ready? Then let’s go…

13 Tips On How To Convince Him To Care About His Appearance

1. You Must Match

If you want your man to look like Chris Hemsworth, then you should look like Elsa Pataki. If you want to see a handsome well-groomed man next to you, then you yourself must look 100%. Before we move on to what to say or do to convince your man to take care of his appearance, let’s focus on you first.

I think that you liked what you read at the beginning of the article, where I wrote, what a perfect man should be.

So – you have to be an ideal woman and the list of requirements for you is no less. I will try to reveal this whole concept throughout the article, so read carefully, follow the thought.

You must match

Become Perfect For Him

Self-sufficient woman

First of all, you should not just be an ideal woman, but an ideal woman for your man. You are together now, so you must be perfect for each other.

To become perfect, the first thing you need is to be self-sufficient. Your man should not be the sole meaning of your life, otherwise, it will ruin your relationship. Don’t bother him with constant questions about whether he loves you or not, and don’t write to him every half hour. Learn to respect your time and his time. Only then will the time you spend together be simply unforgettable.

If you think that if you don’t constantly pester him with questions and say that he doesn’t spend enough time with you, then he will forget about you and you will soon split up, then everything is just the opposite.

Become perfect for him

Learn to make yourself happy, learn to rejoice and love yourself, and spread this love around you. Stop forever being dissatisfied with everything, learn to appreciate even the smallest things, see the good in others, and don’t focus on their flaws.

Believe me, when you become like this, then your man himself will become better for you.

This concerns self-sufficiency and self-love.

Now What About Your Appearance…

If you want to attract a handsome man, it’s important to take care of yourself and present your best self.

Beautiful woman

Your skin should be in good condition, your body fit and healthy, your hair well-styled, and you should always dress tastefully and appropriately, even if you’re just staying home all day.

Always look after yourself and look 100% as if you are going on a first date even if you have been married for 20 years. To look bad firstly is disrespect for yourself, and secondly, disrespect for your man.

While this article isn’t specifically about personal grooming, I encourage you to check out my articles on how to look good every day and my self-grooming life hacks for more tips on how to always look amazing, even with a busy schedule.

You can also read my article on how to look good without makeup, where I provide some effective and unique advice on how to enhance your natural beauty and practice self-love.

Moving on to the next point…

How to Look Good Without Makeup

2. How To Deal With An Issue?

Learn how to deal with an issue with your man, so that he hears you and your relationship becomes closer and more fruitful.

Unfortunately, many people do not know how to handle issues properly and end up damaging their relationship, and even the person they are dealing with.

How to make a claim right

Let’s start with the most important thing – your motive.

Do you want to show your man how inadequate he is and that he’s not worthy to be with someone as beautiful as you? Or do you want to address the issue out of love and respect for your man? Do you want to improve your relationship and enjoy each other’s company?

Catch the difference?

Questions you need to ask yourself before saying what you don’t like:

I will provide a list of questions that you should ask yourself before dealing with an issue with your man. This is a useful life hack for any relationship, not just romantic ones.

  • Who am I?
  • Who is he?
  • What I feel right now?
  • What he feels right now?
  • Is it appropriate to say this at the moment?
  • How will he react to this at the moment?
  • How long have you been together?
  • Have I previously hinted that I am not happy with this?
  • Is he ready to accept this emotionally?
  • Is he ready to accept this from me?
  • Is it time to say it at all?
  • And how to present it in order to bring results?

Is this a good list? I like it too. But you must consider all of these questions if you really want to improve your relationship and convince your man to look after his appearance

When dealing with an issue, it is crucial to focus on a particular problem that you want to solve, but you must be sure that this will not harm his personality.

When dealing with an issue, always remain calm and straightforward. Avoid dropping hints, as you may have done in the past – instead, say exactly what you want from him.

Once you have dealt with the issue and he heard you, calm down. Don’t repeat it one hundred times, just give him space.

How To Tell Him To Look After His Appearance?

Also, never say him to change something about him when you are on emotions, just never.

Calm down

When you feel the urge to express your feelings about his appearance, take a moment to step back and cool down. Take a break for an hour or two, or as long as you need, to clear your head. Use this time to engage in physical activities such as running, boxing, or exercise to release your frustration. You can also use this time to have an internal conversation, imagining various scenarios and what you would like to say to him.

Woman running

Once you have calmed down and gathered your thoughts, try to approach the conversation with him in a calm, respectful manner. Express your concerns with love and respect, avoiding any yelling, hysteria, or reproach. When you return home, give him a hug and apologize if you reacted inappropriately. Acknowledge that you had no right to react in the way you did and express your desire for him to take care of his appearance.


By approaching the conversation with the right attitude and reaction, you can positively influence him to take care of his appearance. It’s amazing how much our correct response can change a person.

Example From My Life

I would like to share an example from my life that doesn’t concern romantic relationships, but rather my relationship with my brother.

I was in my final year of school, studying in the 12th grade (in Latvia, people study for 12 years), and I asked my brother to pick me up after school at 2:20 PM. However, I was certain that I had asked him to pick me up at 3:00 PM. I was exhausted and wrote on autopilot.

As a result, my brother arrived exactly at the time I asked him to pick me up, but I wasn’t in the parking lot near the school. The parking lot was full, and an inspector was walking around, ensuring that everyone had paid for parking or had a valid parking permit. The situation was far from pleasant, but I was nowhere to be found.

My brother called me, but I didn’t hear the phone as I was attending a math consultation. In the meantime, my brother circled around the school, waiting for me. To cut the story short, I noticed that he had called me after about 20 minutes. I rushed down from the fourth floor, zipped up my jacket, and called my brother while running towards him. My heart was pounding like crazy because I felt guilty before my brother, and I was anticipating a quick reprisal.

When I got into the car, we both fell silent. After a few minutes, I found the courage to apologize and explain why I was late. However, my brother responded calmly, saying, “Everything is fine.” I was taken aback by his response, as I had expected him to be angry with me. I asked him, “Are you very angry with me?” to which he replied, “No, I already told you everything before you came.”

For about 20 minutes, we drove almost silently, but then we began to talk normally as if nothing had happened. I was still puzzled by what my brother had told me earlier.

I have always respected my brother, as he is an amazing person. However, after this incident, I started respecting him even more. He did not scold me because he values our relationship. He didn’t hold any grudges and forgave me instantly.

We often forget the importance of valuing relationships and not making claims based on our emotions.

Go to the next point…

3. What Comes Around Goes Around

Always give what you want to receive. Want love – give love, want attention – give attention, want romantic – give romantic…

I mean, just instill in yourself such thinking and accordingly behavior – the language of examples instead of blowing his mind.

In other words, you can’t ask someone to do what you don’t do yourself.

Beautiful woman combing hair

For instance, if you want your partner to take care of their appearance, then you should make sure that you take care of yours too. Invest time in your skincare routine, and turn it into a relaxing ritual that you enjoy. Take pleasure in combing your hair slowly, applying hair oil, and giving yourself a gentle head massage. The same applies to your skincare routine. Just relax and feel yourself divine. Believe me, from the outside it looks incredibly sexy, and your man will always notice it.

Why am I saying all this? When you learn to enjoy the process of self-care, then your man will understand that there is nothing to worry about. On the contrary, it is very pleasant.

Turn It Into A Game

Do you want to know how to convince your man to look after his appearance – make it fun, turn it into a game.

Try washing your face together, not just at the same time or in the same bathroom, but turn it into a fun game. For example, make foam for washing and apply it to each other’s faces, and even playfully smear foam on his nose or cheek.

Show your imagination and creativity.

Laugh, enjoy yourselves, and turn your time of self-care with your loved one into a time when you can just relax and be yourselves. Believe me, he will appreciate it.

After he cleans his face, you can apply a moisturizing toner or aloe vera gel to his face, but don’t tell him what it is. Just do it in a beautiful manner and give him a light facial massage. Believe me, no normal man would refuse when a girl takes the initiative. And when she does this with love, care, and a charming smile on her face, he won’t stand a chance to say no.

You can also put a sheet mask or eye patches on him when you watch TV together. Help him with your personal example to treat this process with self-irony.

In fact, when you have a good relationship in a couple, you feel each other and trust each other. Then, it is not difficult at all to ask for such things.

If you do everything right, he will not only enjoy the process of self-care, but he will also look for opportunities to arrange a joint evening of self-care to spend more time with you.

Couple SPA

Present Him A Skin Care Kit

You can also present him a set of skin care products, at the beginning pay attention to those on which are written for men. You don’t even have to tell him that this is skin care products – these are just hygiene items, like a toothbrush, only cream.

Just choosing a gift set of skin care products, it is important to consider his skin type. And always pay attention to the lines with hypoallergenic products such as aloe vera or green tea.

Or he can just use your skin care products if it is fine for you.

Also About Good Habits…

Introduce good habits into your pair. Run together, take care of your skin together, do sports together – it all brings you together, you will have a lot in common, you will become truly close.

I hope you understand what it means what comes around goes around.

The next point…

4. Don’t Press on Him

Or I will say it in another way – don’t control him.

It’s important to avoid being controlling when trying to get your man to take care of his appearance. Offer him a skincare kit and suggest doing self-care routines together, but don’t try to force it.

If you can’t conduct your self-care routine with your man for some reason, don’t interrogate him about whether he did it without you. Just let him do it at his own pace and in his own way. Gradually, he may start to take care of himself without even realizing it.

Be joyful

Keep up the good work, and approach this process with cheerfulness, joy, and care. Sow what you want to have and do it with ease. Cultivate the habit of not controlling anyone, especially your man.

And remember, don’t fall into the trap of constantly complaining or expressing your discontent. It’s not helpful and can make people feel burdened. Be the person who is doing well no matter what and spreads positivity to those around you.

5. Encourage Him

Admit it, we all need and expect our loved ones to support and encourage us to become better.

When you start to notice a positive change in your man or see that he is starting to do something to improve himself, show him that you see and appreciate it. Believe me, this is very important.

Don’t hesitate to give him compliments, but always be sincere when giving them.

Encourage him

Take note of even the slightest positive changes in your man’s appearance. If you do it right, with love and the right attitude towards him, he himself will want to change to please and delight you.

Now we can move on to the different “areas” where you might want to make changes to help your man look better.

6. Fashion And Style

Almost all men are skeptical of innovations in clothing, and often attempts to change his views fail. In no case do not try to throw his clothes away or try to get him to do it. You would not like it if he threw away your dress or anything else.

Not everyone understands in style or in fashion, not everyone understands what and what to combine with – this quality needs to be developed. The main thing to remember, it is also important for him how he looks, so just talk to him calmly and remember how to properly make a claim.

How to convince a man to change his clothing style

How To Convince A Man To Change His Clothing Style?

Almost all men are skeptical of innovations in clothing, and often attempts to change their views fail. In no case should you try to throw away his clothes or force him to do it. You would not like it if he did the same to your clothes.

Not everyone understands fashion or style, nor knows what to combine with what – this is a skill that needs to be developed. However, it is important to remember that appearance is important to him too, so approach the topic calmly and tactfully.

Handsome man in suit

Before you suggest something new to your man, try to find out what clothes he likes and why. For example, if he likes to wear suits, he will surely like a classic coat, even if he is used to wearing jackets.

If your man wears outdated or unfashionable suits, be honest with him. You can subtly show him some options of modern and stylish suits. Pay attention to classic fitted suits in basic colors, and most importantly, ensure that the fabric quality is good. And the most important factor is that the clothing should fit your man perfectly.

Make Him A Gift

If you want to really know how to convince your man to look after his appearance and change his waredrobe, It’s also not a bad idea to go on a joint shopping trip, even though many men may find it annoying as they would have to spend money from their card.

Personally, I couldn’t imagine asking someone to pay for me. When your man gives you a gift, it’s one thing, but asking him to buy something for you is another thing entirely. To me, it’s somewhat demeaning and humiliating, and it reflects poorly on you, not your man. It makes you look like a kept woman, which is not something you should strive for. Please don’t do this.

Instead, try to take your man shopping and pay for it yourself. If he has given you expensive gifts before, it’s completely normal to give him a gift in return. It’s great to give each other presents, as long as it comes from the heart and you both enjoy doing something nice for each other.

Don’t be afraid to tell your man if you don’t like something, but make sure to do it with the utmost respect and love for him.

7. Hairstyle

Personally, I like it when men have a beautiful, fashionable haircut – not too short or too long.

However, statistics show that many men opt for buzz cuts after being married for a few years. This is something beyond my understanding.

How to convince a man to change hairstyle

I believe that over the years of married life, both partners should strive to become more attractive. They are together and should be ideal for each other: perfect appearance, a fit sports figure, and a beautiful sense of style. I’m sure you agree with me.

What To Do If Your Man Has A Short Haircut Or Is Going To Do It?

First, tell him directly that you don’t want him to cut his hair. Tell him in a gentle manner that you really like his hair, that you enjoy running your fingers through them when you kiss him, and that you love the way it looks on him.

Tell him that he might not like it if you were to cut your hair short. Ask him to imagine if you had beautiful long hair and then suddenly cut it off. Would he still find you as attractive? Let him know how you feel about his hairstyle and why it’s important to you. He will surely understand your perspective.

What to do if your man has a short haircut or is going to do it

The same applies to hair that is too long if you prefer a shorter, neater style.

The most important thing is not to be afraid to talk to him, but to do so calmly and respectfully, because you want to improve your relationship.

8. How To Ask A Man To Shave His Beard?

Personally, I think that a little bit of stubble can look very attractive, but the mustache is not my cup of tea. However, I understand that everyone has their own preferences.

How to convince man to shave a beard

If you want your man to have sexy stubble like Hollywood actors, you can consider giving him a trimmer as a gift.

If you prefer him to be always clean-shaven, you can gift him expensive shaving foam and a good razor.

But if he has a long beard, it’s likely that he has grown it for a long time and values it greatly. In this case, simply buying shaving foam and a razor won’t suffice. Talk to him about it and express your feelings. You can explain that you find a long beard unhygienic and suggest that he first trim it down to a short stubble and then gradually shave it off completely over time. Remember to approach the conversation respectfully and calmly.

9. How To Convince A Man To Use A Lip Balm?

Kissing a man whose lips are weathered and chapped is not very pleasant, to say the least.

If you are not pleased to kiss him when his lips are like this, be direct and tell him.

How to convince man to use lip balm

You can gift him a lip balm to help with the problem. You can choose a neutral, transparent scent, or try Korean lip balms from Tony Moly. Their beautiful and cute design is sure to catch your man’s attention. You could also consider getting him a lip sleeping mask from Laneige, which is a popular product.

Also share this life hack with your man…

After brushing teeth, he can gently rub lips with a toothbrush, this will help to quickly get rid of dry skin. But the main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to get hurt. This is a super life hack, I use it constantly.

He also can do this – using hot water to steam out his lips a little and rub them with a terry towel, also works great.

10. How To Convince A Man To Shape Eyebrows?

Beautiful, thick eyebrows are an adornment of any man, and women too, not without a reason that we groom them all the time.

But what to do if the eyebrows are too wide or almost fused…

There is an urgent need to rectify the situation. First, mentally prepare your man for this. You can show him a couple of photos where the man has beautiful wide, but neat eyebrows.

How to convince him to care about his appearance

Secondly, consider buying a special razor for eyebrows. They are not expensive and very convenient for trimming excess hairs. If your man is worried about the pain of plucking eyebrows with tweezers, reassure him that there are other methods to achieve well-groomed eyebrows.

If the hairs of his eyebrows are too long, then they can always be shortened a little with the help of manicure scissors.

So calm him down, be creative, as I wrote above – what comes around goes around.

11. How To Convince A Man To Change Perfume?

Smells have a huge impact on us. They can attract or, on the contrary, repel and can evoke various desires. Therefore, it is essential that we always smell good.

It’s awesome when your man smells pleasant, and you know the feeling when he covers you with his jacket, and you subtly inhale his scent.

If you want to have such romance in your relationship, then you need to take action.

First, get your man a deodorant with a light scent. Roll-on deodorants are a great option for this purpose.

Man's fragrance

Secondly, it’s about perfume. There are incredibly delicious and pleasant fragrances, and they don’t necessarily have to be very expensive.

The reason for the almost odorless deodorant is that if its scent mixes with the fragrance of the perfume, it won’t be cool.

Regarding the fragrance you choose, I can’t advise you. You need to go to the store, check the tester and find the one that you like. Don’t rush to buy the full-size perfume immediately. Buy a sample and bring it to your man to test it. Also, keep in mind that each person has their own unique scent, so observe how the fragrance feels on him.

Here, I will not talk about basic concepts such as personal hygiene, although many may need to be reminded of this.

Moving on to the next point…

12. How To Ask Him To Shave Down There?

If you want your man to shave in certain intimate places, then tell him directly but with love and respect, with the aim of making your relationship better and closer.

How to ask him to shave down there

Explain to him that it is not pleasant for you and that he would not like it if you didn’t remove hair in intimate places. Put him in your place and calmly express what you want from him.

Don’t hesitate to talk about it. This will make your sexual relationship more relaxed and open.

Now for the final point, which concerns you first and foremost, not your man…

13. Trust

Yes, it might seem strange to you, but let me explain.

I don’t know about the country where you live, but in post-Soviet countries, there are many prejudices and fears about losing the one you love.


I recently read in some places that a man should look good, but not too good, otherwise someone will steal him away. This idea drives me crazy, and it took me ten minutes to calm down and stop mentally killing the person who said it.

I cannot understand how anyone can think this way. If you don’t trust your man, then why are you even together? And then why you looking for ways how to convince your man to look after his appearance?

The Point Of Relationship Is In Trust

You are together now because you value each other, but don’t hold onto him out of fear of losing him. Instead, build a relationship with emotional and spiritual intimacy, work on yourself, and become the best version of yourself for each other.

Work on building trust, even if you have been betrayed before. Don’t become paranoid or afraid that someone will take him away from you. This kind of thinking will only drive you crazy.

Build relationships

Of course, there will be problems in relationships, but you need to work through them together. Don’t be afraid to buy him sexy clothes or an expensive perfume. He is yours, and you are his. Remember this and work on it.

Do sports together, not just to get sexy abs, but to strengthen your bond. Do it all for yourself and for each other. Even if you have been together for a hundred years, your relationship should only become stronger, closer, and brighter, as you get to know each other better each day.

Work on yourselves together, and you will surely succeed.


I hope this article was useful to you and you understood how to convince your man to look after his appearance.

Remember, building relationships takes time and effort.

You don’t become truly close just by starting to date someone. True closeness comes from investing in your relationship – your time, your money, and most importantly, yourself. Relationships are a series of actions that both partners take in order to become closer and build love and romance between them.

It may take patience and perseverance, but it is worth it.

So, learn to communicate effectively with each other, work on yourself, your appearance, your character, and your reactions, and most importantly, do it together. By putting in the effort, you can build a strong and loving relationship that will last a lifetime.

Written by Daria

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