How to Convince Your Man to Look after His Appearance

How to Convince Your Man to Look after His Appearance

Handsome, smart, funny, attentive, gentle, caring, enterprising, loyal, kind, loving, strong, athletic, ambitious, purposeful – this is, in my opinion, a portrait of the ideal man. You think that all this is as many as 14 different people? But no. Just you reap what you sow.

You can have everything at once, and in this article, I will talk about how to do that.

I dedicate this article to all women and girls, wives and girlfriends who would very much like the appearance of their man to change for the better, as well as those who want to get on relationships with their beloved man.

Are you intrigued? Then let’s get started…

How to Convince Your Man to Look after His Appearance

Unfortunately, many men, especially residents of the post-Soviet space, and in many countries of Europe and America, don’t pay due attention to their appearance.

There are several reasons for this…

First, many fear that they will be ridiculed because they are not masculine enough. And secondly, because of the stereotypes that if a man cares for himself and pays attention to his appearance, then he is gay.

Yes, many modern men live in such a world of limitations. So, let’s not put pressure on them, but treat them with understanding and help them get out of this prison of stereotypes and other people’s opinions.

There is no greater power on earth capable of influencing a man more than his woman

There is no greater power on earth capable of influencing a man more than his woman.

This is not just a proven fact – it is a truth that, unfortunately, many women don’t understand or use it incorrectly.

The truth is that with your love, respect, care, your own example and the right reaction, you can create anything you want out of your man. You can get exactly the same ideal man that you always dreamed about, only the thing is what you are doing for this.

In this article, I will give 13 actionable tips on what to do to convince your man to look after his appearance.

Ready? Then let’s go…

13 Tips on how to Convince Him to Care about His Appearance

1. You Must Match

Yes, what did you expect? If you want your man to look like Chris Hemsworth, then you should look like Elsa Pataki.

If you want to see a handsome well-groomed man next to you, then you yourself must look 100%. So before moving on to what to say or what to do, so that your man begins to take care of his appearance, let’s deal with you first.

I think that you liked what you read at the beginning of the article, where I wrote, what a perfect man should be.

So – you have to be an ideal woman and the list of requirements for you is no less. I will try to reveal this whole concept throughout the article, so read carefully, follow the thought.

You must match

Become perfect for him

Self-sufficient woman

First of all, you should not be just an ideal woman, but an ideal woman for your man. You are now together, so you must be perfect for each other.

To become perfect, the first thing you need is to be self-sufficient. Your man should not be the meaning of your life, otherwise it will ruin your relationship. Don’t bother him with constant questions, whether he loves you or not, don’t write to him every half hour. Learn to respect your time, as well as his time, only then the time that you will spend together will be simply unforgettable.

If you think that if you don’t constantly pester him with questions and say that he doesn’t pay enough time to you, then he will forget about you and you will soon split up, then everything is just the opposite.

Become perfect for him

Learn to make yourself happy, learn to rejoice and love yourself and spread this love around you. Stop forever being dissatisfied with everything, learn to appreciate any little things, see good things in others and not focus on their flaws.

Believe me, when you become so, then your man himself will become better for you.

This is something that concerns self-sufficiency and self-love.

Now what about your appearance…

If you want to see a handsome man next to you – be on top yourself.

Beautiful woman

Your skin should be in perfect condition, your body beautiful and fit, your hair well-styled, you always beautifully and tastefully dressed… and all this even if you plan to spend the whole day at home.

Always look after yourself and look 100% as if you are going on a first date even if you have been married for 20 years. To look bad firstly is disrespect for yourself, and secondly, disrespect for your man.

But this article is not about the personal care, we have a different topic, it just was such a necessary digression.

Read my article how to look good everyday or my self grooming life hacks. I’m sure that there you will find many useful tips on how to always look amazing and well-groomed, even if you don’t have much time.

You can also read the article on how to look good without makeup. There I gave some effective and not trite advice on how to look good with no makeup, and also talked about self-love.

And we move on to the next point…

How to Look Good Without Makeup

2. How to Make a Claim Right

How to make a claim to your man, so that he hears you, so that it brings results and your relationship becomes much closer.

Unfortunately, many people do not know how to do it right and only destroy the relationship, and often the personality of the person to whom they make a claim.

How to make a claim right

Let’s start with the most important thing – this is your motive.

Do you just want to show your man what a sloppy man he is and is not worthy to be next to such a beautiful woman like you?

Or do you want to do this because of love and respect for your man, do you want to make your relationship better, closer, so that you can enjoy each other’s company?

Catch the difference?

Questions you need to ask yourself before making a claim

Now I will list the list of questions that you should ask yourself before making a claim to your man. Life hack – this is suitable for any relationship, not just romantic.

  • Who am I?
  • Who is he?
  • What condition am I in?
  • What condition is he in?
  • Is it appropriate to say this at the moment?
  • How will he react to this claim at the moment?
  • How long have you been together?
  • Have I previously hinted that I am not happy with what I want to make a claim?
  • Is he ready to accept the claim emotionally?
  • Is he ready to accept the claim from me?
  • Is it time to make a claim at all?
  • And how to present it in order to bring results?

Good list? I like it too. But all this you must consider if you really want to change your relationship for the better.

While also making a claim, it is very important to focus on a particular problem that you want to solve, but you must be sure that this will not destroy his personality.

When making a claim, always do this firstly calmly, and secondly, as straightforward as possible. No hints, I’m sure that you hinted before – now directly say what you want from him.

When you make a claim and you understood or he told you that he understood or heard you, then calm down.

How to make a claim right?

Also, never make a claim with your emotions, just never.

Calm down

Because it happens that everything is boiling up for you and you need to express everything right away, but this can’t be done in any case.

Do this way…

No matter how trite it may sound, when everything boils inside you, just close your mouth. And leave for an hour or two or as much as you need. Blow off steam, go for a run, beat a punching bag, pump your glutes… And at this time, you can lead an internal dispute, I’m sure that many people do it, even after the end of the argument or conversation they still continue it in their head.

Woman running

So, argue with him in your head, mentally tell him everything you want, and do it several times in various variations. And then try to say the same thing, but only calmly, without screaming, without hysteria, without reproach, without insult, but with love and respect.

As soon as you enter a state where you can do this, then return home. Come, hug him, apologize even if he was wrong. Tell him that you had no right to react like that.


And you know what will happen? If before your reaction was always – hysteria, complaints, insults and a bunch of all kinds of arguments, then most likely it will take him several minutes to get over it and comprehend what just happened.

The most important thing is your right attitude and the right reaction. You can’t even imagine how much our correct reaction can change a person.

Example from my life

I will give an example from my life. It doesn’t concern romantic relationships, but on my relations with my brother.

I almost finished school, studied in the 12th grade (in the Latvia people study 12 years) and asked my brother to pick me up after school at 14.20, but I was sure that I wrote at 15.00. I just got very tired and wrote on autopilot.

And my brother arrived exactly at the time that I asked him at 14.20, and I wasn’t in the parking lot near the school. There is no place in the parking lot, an inspector walks, watching that everyone has paid for parking or that there is a parking permit. Well, you understand that the situation is not pleasant. But I’m still not there…

Brother is calling me. I am on a math consultation; the phone is silent. And my brother at that time was making a few circles around the school, waiting for me. In general, I’ll shorten the story, I saw that he called me in about 20 minutes. I ran down from the fourth floor, on the run zip up jacket and at the same time call my brother. My heart was pounding like mad, because I was guilty before my brother. I foresee a quick reprisal against myself.

I went out into the street, in a minute or two my brother drove up. I get in the car – he is silent, and I am silent. In a few minutes, I find the strength in myself to say something, apologize and explain why I was late.

And he says in a completely calm voice – “Everything is fine.” I think – wait, what, everything is all right? I was late and you waited so much for me here, at least I expected a good thrashing. And I so neatly ask him, “Are you very angry with me?” And he replies, “No, I already told you everything before you came.”

It was something. No really, it would be better if he yelled at me then, I would not feel so lousy. For about 20 minutes we drove almost silently, and then closer to home we began to talk as if there was nothing.

Honestly, I’m still wondering what he told me then.

You know, I always respected my brother – he is the best, awesome, and just amazing. But after this incident, I began to respect him much more. He didn’t tell all of this in the eyes, not because he didn’t want to, not because he is so kind and restrained, he is, but that’s not the point. He just values ​​relationships.

And for some reason we all often forget about this. Value relationships and don’t make claims on emotions.

Go to the next point…

3. Sow what You Want to Have

Always sow what you want to have. Want love – sow love, want attention – sow attention, want romantic – sow romantic…

I mean, just instill in yourself such thinking and, accordingly, behavior – the language of examples instead of blowing his mind.

In other words, you can’t ask someone to do what you don’t do yourself.

If you want your man to look after his appearance, then always look after yours and always look amazing. Turn your skin care into a beautiful ritual during which you relax and just enjoy yourself.

Beautiful woman combing hair

Learn to just bliss out on how you care for yourself. For example, standing in front of a mirror, slowly comb your hair, then apply hair oil. And feel every moment, smell the oil, give yourself a light head massage. The same goes for skin care. And feel yourself divine. Believe me, from the outside it looks incredibly sexy, and your man will always notice it.

Why am I saying all this? When you learn to enjoy the process of self-care, then your man will understand that there is nothing to worry about. On the contrary, it is very pleasant.

Turn your joint skincare into a game

Try to wash face together, but not just in the same time or in one bathroom but turn it into a fun game. For example, make foam for washing and applying it to your face, and stain his nose or cheek with foam.

Show your imagination and creativity.

Laugh, indulge, turn time of self-care with your loved one in such a time when you can just relax and be yourself. Believe me, he will appreciate it.

You can, for example, after he cleaned his face, you can apply a moisturizing toner or aloe vera gel to his face, just don’t need to tell him what exactly it is. Just do it in a beautiful manner, you can give him a light facial massage. Believe me, not one normal man will not refuse when a girl takes the initiative. And when she still does this with love, care and a charming smile on her face, then he will not have a single chance to say no.

You can put a sheet mask or eye patches on him when you watch TV together. Help him with your personal example to treat this process with self-irony.

In fact, when you have a good relationship in a couple, you feel each other and trust each other, then it is not difficult at all to ask for such things.

If you do everything right, then he will not only like the process of self-care. But he himself will begin to look for an opportunity to arrange for you a joint evening of self-care, in order to spend more time with you.

Couple SPA

Present him a skin care kit

You can also present him a set of skin care products, at the beginning pay attention to those on which are written for men. You don’t even have to tell him that this is cosmetics – these are just hygiene items, like a toothbrush, only cream.

Just choosing a gift set of skin care products, it is important to consider his skin type. And always pay attention to the lines with hypoallergenic products such as aloe vera or green tea.

Also about good habits…

Introduce good habits into your family. Run together, take care of your skin together, do sports together – it all brings you together, you will have a lot in common, you will become truly family.

I hope you understand what it means sow what you want to have or what comes around goes around.

The next point…

4. Don’t Press on Him

Or put it another way – don’t control him.

You present him a skin care kit. You continue to be creative and try to instill in him the habit of caring for skin together. But that’s all.

If you were suddenly busy and couldn’t conduct this beauty ritual with your man, then don’t interrogate him if he did it without you. Did – excellent, didn’t – so he has not yet matured for independent skin care.

All this needs to be done gradually, so that your man looked after his appearance without even thinking.

Keep up the good work, be cheerful, joyful, caring, sow what you want to have – and do it with ease. Just inculcate in yourself the habit of not controlling anyone, especially your man.

Be joyful

Also about joy – just say no to the discontent syndrome. Even if everything infuriates you, then no one needs to know about it. You would not like that if you are in a good mood, and someone burden you with how he got fed up with everything. People like that really enrage. So don’t be like that yourself.

Be the person who is doing well no matter what – rejoice yourself and encourage others.

5. Encourage Him

Admit that, we all need this and expect our loved ones to support us and encourage us to become better.

When you start to notice a positive change in your man or see that he is starting to do something in order to become better, then show him that you see it and appreciate it. Believe me, this is very important.

Encourage him

Don’t hesitate to give him compliments, but always be sincere when saying them.

Always note the slightest positive changes in your man’s appearance, if you do it right, with love and with the right attitude towards him, then he himself will want to change to please you and delight you.

Now we move on to separate “areas” where you might want to make changes to make your man look better.

6. Fashion Style

Almost all men are skeptical of innovations in clothing, and often attempts to change his views fail. In no case do not try to throw his clothes away or try to get him to do it. You would not like it if he threw away your dress or anything else.

Not everyone understands in style or in fashion, not everyone understands what and what to combine with – this quality needs to be developed. The main thing to remember, it is also important for him how he looks, so just talk to him calmly and remember how to properly make a claim.

How to convince a man to change his clothing style

How to convince a man to change his clothing style

Almost all men are skeptical of innovations in clothing, and often attempts to change his views fail. In no case do not try to throw his clothes away or try to get him to do it. You would not like it if he threw away your dress or anything else.

Not everyone understands in style or in fashion, not everyone understands what and what to combine with – this quality needs to be developed. The main thing to remember, it is also important for him how he looks, so just talk to him calmly and remember how to properly make a claim.

Handsome man in suit

Before you offer your man something new, try to find out what clothes he likes and why. For example, if he likes to wear suits, he will surely like a classic coat, even if he is used to wearing jackets.

If your man wears suits that were relevant 30 years ago, then tell him directly. If he likes to wear suits, you can unobtrusively show him a couple of options of beautiful modern costumes. Pay attention to classic fitted suits, in basic colors, and most importantly, look at the quality of the fabric. And most importantly, this clothing should ideally fit your man.

Make him a gift

Also not a bad option to arrange a joint shopping. This annoys many men, because as a rule money is withdraw from their card.

I don’t know about you, but I just can’t imagine that I would ask someone to pay for me. When your man presents you a gift, this is one thing, and when you asking for him yourself, then this is completely another. For me it is somehow low and humiliating, and this humiliates not so much your man as you. By doing so, you put yourself in the status of a kept woman. Don’t do this, please.

Why am I saying this…

Get your man shopping at your own expense. If before that he gave you expensive gifts, then it is completely normal to give him such a gift in return. It’s great to give each other presents. The main thing is that it comes from the heart and you enjoy the fact that you are doing something nice to each other.

Do not be afraid to tell your man that you do not like something, the main thing is to do it with the utmost respect and love for him.

7. Hairstyle

Personally, I like when men have a beautiful fashionable haircut – not short or long.

But statistics show that many men cut their hair in buzz cut after they have been married for few years. This is just something beyond my comprehension.

How to convince a man to change hairstyle

I believe that over the years of married life, both a woman and a man should only become more beautiful. Because now they are together and they must be ideal for each other. Perfect appearance, a fit sports figure, a beautiful style of clothing… It must be so, I’m sure that you agree with me.

So what to do if your man has a short haircut or is going to do it

First, tell him directly that you don’t want this. Tell him in a beautiful manner that you really like his hair, that you are pleased to run your fingers through them, when you kiss him, say that you like to touch them and that that haircut so fits him.

What to do if your man has a short haircut or is going to do it

Tell him that he would not like it if you had your hair cut like that, tell him what you feel about this situation, he will certainly understand you.

The same applies to too long hair, if you want him to make himself a beautiful hairstyle.

The main thing is not to be afraid to talk to him, just do it calmly, because you want to improve your relationship, right.

8. Beard

The beard is still alright, but the mustache for me is something strange. Anyway…

How to convince man to shave a beard

I like such a little sloppy stubble, it just looks very beautiful. But I can’t imagine how to kiss an unshaven man, because it is terribly pricks.

I like the Korean fashion for such an eternally youthful face who never even have a hint of a beard at all. But this is my personal opinion, as they say, about tastes don’t argue.

So what to do.

It all depends on what you want. Beautiful sexy stubble like Hollywood actors. Then you can present him a trimmer.

If you want him to be always clean-shaven, you can gift him expensive shaving foam and a good razor.

But if he has a fairly long beard, then most likely he grew it for a long time and greatly values ​​it. Here, a simple purchase of shaving foam and a razor can’t do. Talk to him, tell him what you want. Say that such a beard is simply not hygienic. You can try to persuade him to first make a short stubble, and then shave off completely over time.

9. Lips

Kissing a man whose lips are weathered and chapped… In general, this is not very pleasant to say the least.

In that case, don’t beat around the bush, tell him directly. Say that you are not pleased to kiss him when his lips are weathered.

How to convince man to use lip balm

Gift your man a lip balm. You can give the usual transparent and neutral smell, but I advise you to pay attention to the Korean lip balms from Tony Moly. They have such a beautiful and cute design that I am sure that your man will not remain indifferent to them.

And also you can try lip sleeping mask from Laneige. Read more about this mask in the article best-sellers from Laneige.

Also share this life hack with your man…

After brushing teeth, he can gently rub lips with a toothbrush, this will help to quickly get rid of dry skin. But the main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to get hurt. Super life hack, I use it constantly.

He also can do this – using hot water to steam out his lips a little and rub them with a terry towel, also works great.

10. Eyebrows

Beautiful, thick eyebrows are an adornment of any man, and women too, not without a reason that we grow them all the time.

But what to do if the eyebrows are too wide or almost fused…

There is an urgent need to rectify the situation. First, mentally prepare your man for this. You can show him a couple of photos where the man has beautiful wide, but neat eyebrows.

Secondly, buy a special razor for eyebrows, it is not expensive, but it is very convenient to shave off all the excess. In addition, if your man is worried that the process of forming beautiful eyebrows will be painful (with tweezers), then show him that this can be done in different way.

If the hairs of his eyebrows are too long, then they can always be shortened a little with the help of manicure scissors.

So calm him down, be creative, as I wrote in the point sow what you want to have.

11. Fragrance

Smells have a huge impact on us – the smell can attract or, on the contrary, repel, can cause us various desires, so it is very important that we always smell good.

Agree, it’s awesome when your man smells pleasant. You know this feeling when he covered you with his jacket, and you imperceptibly breath in his smell.

If you want such a romantic in your relationship, then you need to do something.

First, get your man a deodorant with light smell. To do this, pay the attention on roll-on deodorants.

Man's fragrance

Secondly, it is a perfume. There are simply unrealistically delicious and pleasant smells, and by the way it is not at all necessary that they are very expensive.

Why is the deodorant almost odorless, because if its smell mixes with the smell of perfume, then it will not be cool.

At the expense of what kind of perfume smell you choose, here I am not an adviser to you. You need to go to the store and look at the probe to find that smell. And when you find it, then do not rush to get an original size immediately, buy a probe and bring it to your man for testing. It should also be borne in mind that each person has their own individual smell, look at how this smell will be felt on it.

Here I will not talk about such basic concepts as personal hygiene, although many should be reminded of this.

Go to the next point…

12. Advice for Those who are Married

Why just for those who are married? Because I don’t promote sexual relations before marriage. God created sex for the pleasure of husband and wife. You can spam me if you want, but it is.

So what is the advice…

If you want your man to shave in certain intimate places, then directly tell him about it. But only with love and respect, wanting to make your relationship better and closer.

Advice for those who are married

Just tell him that it is not pleasant for you. Tell him that he would not like it if you didn’t remove hair in intimate places. Put he in your place, calmly say what you want from him, but only calmly, without claims.

Feel free to talk about it. This will make your sexual relationship more relaxed and open.

And we pass to the final point, this will concern you first of all, and not your man…

13. Trust

Yes, it didn’t seem to you. I’ll explain now…

I don’t know how in the country where you live, but in the post-Soviet countries there are a lot of prejudices and many people are simply afraid to lose the one they love so much.


Recently I read in some places that a man should look good, but not too much, otherwise someone will steal him.

It just drives me crazy so much that it took me ten minutes to get over it and stop mentally crucifying the person who said that.

I personally can’t understand how this is at all. To do so and even think is below dignity. If you don’t trust your man, then why are you together at all?

The whole point of a relationship is in trust

You are together now. Yes, you value him, but don’t hold him, don’t be afraid to lose him. Just build a relationship with him, establish emotional and spiritual intimacy, work on yourself and become ideal for each other.

Work on your trust, even if you have been betrayed a hundred times before. Don’t become paranoid. Don’t be afraid that someone will steal him away from you – this thought will simply drive you crazy.

Build relationships

Yes, there are problems in relationships, but you need to work on them. Never be afraid, buying him beautiful sexy clothes or an expensive stunning perfume.

He is now yours, and you his – remember this and work on it. Do sports together, so that not only does he have sexy abs. Do it all for yourself and for each other. Even if you have been together for a hundred years, your relationship should only become stronger, closer and brighter, because every day you will know each other better and better.

Work on yourself together and you will surely succeed.


I really hope that this article was useful to you and you found in it the answers to questions that have tormented you for a long time.

Relationships are not built in one day.

I heard such a saying, “A family is always three – a husband, wife and relationship.”

You don’t automatically become a family when you sign up at a registry office or don’t become truly close when you start dating. You become truly native when you invest in your relationship – yourself, your time and your money. Relationships are actions that you both do in order to get closer, so that there is love and romantic between you.

It takes time and patience, but it’s worth it.

Therefore, learn to talk with each other, so that you understand each other, work on yourself, on your appearance, on your character and your reaction, and most importantly do it together.

I wish you good luck and patience.

Love yourself and your man and be beautiful together.

Written by Daria

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