Habits that Make Your Acne Worse

Habits that Make Your Acne Worse

There are so many different things that we do daily, without even realizing how much harm it is doing to our skin.

After all, it so happens that you eat properly and care for your skin and lead an active lifestyle, but still, something prevents you from completely getting rid of acne.

And the whole thing is precisely in the small habits that we often do, even unconsciously, and this is what affects the condition of our skin, in particular, rashes and blackheads.

Honestly, I also did most of these things before, but thank God in time I learned about how ruinous it was for my skin, so I weaned myself from them.

In this article, I will tell you about the habits that not only prevent you from getting rid of acne and make it worse, and also about what you need to do to get rid of these habits and how to replace them with good, so that your reflection in the mirror always delights you with flawless skin.

Habits that Make Your Acne Worse

And I’ll start with the most obvious…

1. Face-touching

I don’t know how about you, but I often found myself holding my hands near my face. I propped my chin on my fist, or touched my cheek, or my forehead. Previously, it even happened that squeezed a couple of pimples with dirty hands.

Dirty hands are carriers of bacteria. During the day, we touch dozens of contaminated surfaces: clothing, furniture, doorknobs in public places, phone, money, and the like. All of them are very far from sterility and carry millions of dangerous microorganisms. Which, when exposed to skin from the hands, can easily provoke inflammation, acne on the cheeks and other parts of the face. Especially if you succumb to the temptation to squeeze out already ripe pimple or blackheads with dirty fingers.

Face-touching habit

That we just don’t touch during the day, and then all this is on our face. Eeriness, right. And then we wonder why our skin is far from perfect and blame anyone and anything, but not ourselves.

There is one more habit, I’m sure that all the girls who pump the glutes did at least once in their lives.

For example, you do push-ups or the “kicking donkey” exercise, during which your palms are on the floor or on the fitness mat. And right after that you do the leg swings in lying down position, and with this hand you support your head.

Just don’t say that you have never done so.

Perhaps it is easier to get rid of this than from unconscious touching the face. Just build your training plan, so that you can first do the swings while your hands are still clean, and then do the rest.

But, and if you like circular workouts, or do the exercise in several sets, then just keep wet towels next to you. To wipe your hands with a towel will take only a couple of seconds. But your skin will be very grateful to you.

And now about how to get rid of this hated habit of constantly touching your face…

The first thing you should start with is to understand why you are doing this, what provokes you to do so. Maybe it is nervousness, embarrassment, self-doubt or something else. Figure it out for yourself and learn to control it.

Just take something in your hands – you can, for example, squeeze an anti-stress ball in your hand. Or if you don’t have anything suitable, simply hold your wrist with your other hand or put your hands in your pockets or cross them on your chest. In general, find an option for yourself.

How to get rid of face-touching habit

Of course it happens that hair tickles the face or the eyebrow itches… well, you understand me, it’s normal to touch the face to remove what is bothering you.

But, if you still don’t want to once again touch your face with your hands, then you can use, for example, wipes to remove greasy shine from the skin.

Another habit, similar to the previous one, namely…

2. The Habit of “Rolling” Cream or Foundation

Honestly, I’m still struggling with this habit. Sometimes, if I apply a little more moisturizer or BB cream to the skin, I get a feeling of a mask on the skin, and there is a desire to roll it all unnecessary from the skin. But you shouldn’t do that.

What to do if you overdo and applied more cream or foundation?

You just need to gently wipe your face with a regular paper towel.

3. Selfie with Objects

Selfies with objects are not much better than dirty hands, and maybe worse.

Which of us doesn’t like to take selfies with cute things: with a soft toy, a bouquet of flowers, with a pillow, a notebook and so on.

Selfie with objects

Just before you take another photo, think at least a little about the purity of this item… so that it doesn’t affect the condition of your skin. Well, or at least after a photo shoot, wipe your face with wet towel.

Of course, it is extremely tiring to constantly walk to wash your hands or wipe your face. Just find the best option for yourself.

For example, I really like to be photographed with animals (of course they are not objects at all, I mean that they are not very clean). They are so cool that, to be honest, expressing my love for them, I don’t really think about the hygiene and the condition of my skin.

But still, then without fail, I wipe my face with micellar water.

Well, since we started talking about selfies, let’s talk about how these selfies are taken…

4. Your Mobile Phone’s Dirty Screen

I’m thinking that every person calls someone at least once a day. And I think that it’s unlikely that you talk on the speakerphone or in the headphones.

Therefore, just make it a habit to wipe the phone screen with a wet towel at least once a day. And then, of course, wipe it dry.

I think that after you read about the dirty hands and about selfie with objects, you understand why you need to do this, so I won’t write here in detail.

Also such a life hack, which I think many already use – communicate through the headphones. This will allow you not to think about the cleanliness of your hands and phone screen.

Go to the next point…

Your mobile phone's dirty screen

5. Habit to Sunbathe

I think all of us have been advised at least once in your life – “If you want to get rid of acne, spend more time in the sun, sunbathe or go to the solarium.”

Just please don’t do that.

The fact is that solar ultraviolet in small doses has a bactericidal effect, dries up inflammation and slightly reduces the number of inflammatory elements. But excessive doses of UV rays lead to a weakening of the local skin protection, enhanced production of sebum, blockage of the ducts of the sebaceous glands. That turn around for the skin only a worsening of its condition and often – exacerbations of acne.

Habit to sunbathe

In addition, the habit of sunbathing or even appearing in the sun without sunscreen leads to premature aging. It does not look attractive at all, believe me.

Look at the Asians – they have milky white skin; no tan and they look amazing. Asians generally have such a chip that they look 20 at 50 and one of the reasons why they look so young is that they don’t sunbathe at all, and they use sunscreen in any weather when they go out.

If you really like tanned skin, and you are afraid that without it you look like a pale toadstool, then read my article, white skin is beautiful or how to look good with pale skin.

Well, since we are talking about the tanning, then the next point…

White Skin is Beautiful or how to Look Good with Pale Skin

6. Application of Funds with SPF Once a Day

Whatever the advertisements say, that once applied, and you can safely walk all day – this is nonsense. Unfortunately, it is not like that.

Sunscreens require updating every 2-3 hours. The easiest way to do this during the day is with the help of a mist containing high SPF. Mist can be easily applied over makeup.

7. Washing with Running Water

Tap water, as a rule, is of two types: hard and soft. In urban conditions, most often we are faced with the first type. In its composition it contains various minerals, as well as potassium and magnesium salts. They, in turn, are strong irritants for our skin, which cause itching, inflammation, peeling. Especially if you are the owner of dry, sensitive, prone to rashes or skin affected by age-related changes.

Washing face with running water

If you want to avoid skin problems, then better prepare your own water for washing yourself. Boil water and add baking soda in a proportion of 1 tsp. soda per liter of water.

Or you can just use mineral water

I know that this is terribly inconvenient, and that it’s much easier to just wash yourself from the tap, but it really can significantly improve the condition of your skin.

For cleansing, it is best to use gentle foams or gels. And also, after cleansing, apply toner to the skin, which will restore the pH of the skin. Moreover, after cleansing, toner is required not only for girls, but also for boys. Your skin is no different from ours in this regard.

Face washing with mineral water

8. Too Often Face Cleansing

A person who has problem skin most often hears the phrase: “You just have to wash your face more often and everything will pass.” Advisers who hint at your uncleanliness are illiterate ignoramuses.

Frequent washing can only aggravate the problem. Excessive use of cleansers destroys the fatty layer and upsets skin pH.

Too often face cleansing

Skin cleansing should occur in the morning and evening.

To restore pH, remember to use toner.

You also need to wash your face after flights or long trips in public transport, where a lot of bacteria and germs accumulate. And also after a long time in a polluted space, and also after dirty work. For example, in the garden or if you have done repairs or something like that.

Skin cleansing is a very important step in skin care that will help you get rid of skin problems. But if you overdo it, it will be bad.

9. Using Alcohol Lotions

Sometimes it seems that the habit of using alcohol lotions by many has inherited.

If you are a fan of using alcohol lotions, then please stop doing this – you do harm to your skin.

Alcohol mercilessly dries the skin, destroying its hydro-lipid balance and pH.

Yes, alcohol dries up inflammation and removes oily sheen. But at what price!

Using alcohol lotions

The fact is that it is wild stress for the skin, and after a while it will respond to alcohol only by secreting more sebum, which will lead to new rashes and inflammations.

Permissible alcohol content in cosmetic products is not more than 5%. In all other cases, such products degrease the face completely and dry the skin.

Then you are probably wondering how, then, to deal with this hated oily sheen and overcome acne.

Have you ever wondered why skin secretes sebum?

The thing is that skin needs it for natural hydration. But when there is too much of it, then this leads to acne.

In other words, you must make sure that your skin has enough moisture and care, so that it “understands” that there is no longer any need to excrete so much sebum.

In the article best Korean cosmetics for problem prone acne skin, I reviewed the best skin care products for problematic skin and gave some tips for beginners on how to take care of your skin properly. I am sure that there you will find what you need.

Best Korean Cosmetic for Problem Prone Acne Skin

10. Habit of Going to Bed Late

Sleep is no less important for your skin than food and care. Even if you take care of your skin in accordance with all the rules, eat right, exercise, don’t smoke, drink or have any other bad habits, but you go to bed late and don’t get enough sleep, this will nullify all your efforts.

Going to bed late

Neglecting sleep, you sacrifice not only the energy of the next day, but also immunity, as well as the good condition of your skin.

Why lack of sleep is bad?

One of the causes of early skin aging is the lack of rest and exhaustion. One of the causes of acne is lack of sleep, as well as the stress that our body experiences because of this.

Indeed, during a night’s rest, the level of the stress hormone cortisol, which in particular affects sweating and skin secretions, decreases. By depriving yourself of sleep, you force the body to produce cortisol in stressful amounts… Which increases sweating and oily skin.

Why lack of sleep is bad

As a result, a dull complexion, bruises under the eyes, inflammation and rashes will not take long. I will not even talk about the excessive irritability and depression. Also, due to systematic lack of sleep, serious health problems can be obtained, in particular with the heart and blood vessels.

Try to sleep at least 7 hours every day, preferably 8, but more than 8 is also not recommended. So you will feel great, be peppy and full of strength.

Oddly enough, if you sleep for more than 8 hours, then you feel tired and terribly “crumpled”. For example, if I suddenly get up a little later, it seems to me that half a day has already passed. So I like to go to bed at 10 or 11, and get up at 5, 6 or 7, respectively. It just turns out that I sleep 7-8 hours.

Be sure to spend time in bed from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. It is at this time that the renewal process in cells and tissues starts.

Since we are talking about a dream, then…

11. Sleep with Makeup On

This is just a terrible habit, which is detrimental to the beauty and youth of our skin. Just never do that.

At night, cells get a chance for recovery and renewal, but only if the skin is cleansed and breathes. Not only does makeup that is not washed off before bedtime clogs the pores. To top it off, it will aggravate the situation with appearance of acne, redness and other undesirable things, especially if you have sensitive or easily irritated skin.

Sleep with makeup on

The skin has its own biorhythms, and from 12 a.m. to 4 a.m. it actively absorbs what was applied to it.

Therefore, it is very important that you wash off your makeup and apply skin care products to your face that will help it recover, moisturize, and nourish with beneficial substances. Which will help you wake up beautiful and rested in the morning.

I wrote about the skin care in detail in the article 10-step Korean skin care, so I will not talk about it here.

10-step Korean skin care routine
Best Korean Cosmetic for Problem Prone Acne Skin

And in order to understand what skin care products better use to get rid of acne and other skin problems, read the article best Korean cosmetics for problem prone acne skin.

By the way, most girls fall asleep with makeup, not because they are too lazy to remove it. But because they can’t completely remove it (for example, in the case of ultra-resistant textures).

But for this problem there is a solution… Hydrophilic oil, which removes any, even the most waterproof cosmetics and perfectly cleanses the skin. But it must be used together with foam. First dissolve the makeup with hydrophilic oil, and then remove the remaining oil and skin impurities with foam.

If you are not familiar with hydrophilic oil, then read the article Korean method 424. In it I talked in detail about this product and how to use it correctly.

Often it also happens that girls are complex about their appearance and go to bed with makeup, thinking that this will help them save time in the morning.

Sleeping with makeup on

But your skin will not say thank you for this, and eyelashes too.

Girls, and boys too, learn to love yourself and accept yourself as you are. Of course, you need to work on yourself and get rid of the shortcomings. But even with them you need to love yourself. Because if you don’t learn this, even when you get rid of your shortcomings it won’t help you become more confident in yourself. The problems lie much deeper and to get rid of it you need to get to the root of where it all came from and eradicate it.

Girls, if you are very worried about this issue, then just read the article how to look good without makeup, there I gave not only tips on personal care, but also tips on how to learn to love yourself.

How to Look Good Without Makeup

And you, men, I know that you are not indifferent to the way you look. I advise you to read the article men’s skin care or how Korean men take care of their skin. I am sure that in it you will find a lot of useful things for yourself.

And one more habit associated with makeup, namely…

12. You don’t Wash Makeup Brushes

Dirty makeup brushes and sponges are even worse than dirty hands and selfies with objects taken one with another.

On all devices for applying makeup remains sebum, keratinized particles of skin, well, actually the makeup itself. In general, this “gorgeous bouquet” is just the perfect medium for various bacteria that can cause inflammation on the skin from acne to dermatitis.

Makeup brushes

A few life hacks on how to save time on cleansing brushes and makeup sponges…

Every time I use brushes to apply eyeliner, or apply eye shadows or eyebrow shadows, I have a cotton pad soaked in micellar water at the ready. With it, I can easily clean my brushes in literally a minute.

Next life hack…

Just buy yourself 7 pieces of the cheapest makeup sponges, one for each day to use a clean sponge every day.

And at the end of the week, just soak all the sponges in a bowl, pour in a special cleanser for brushes and sponges, or just use soap and leave it on for 30 minutes. Then gently clean and rinse with clean water. But be sure to dry them well.

Makeup sponges

If it is inconvenient for you to apply a foundation or BB cream with a sponge, then this can be done with your fingers. The main thing is that they also have to be clean.

All this does not take so much time, only 5 minutes a week, you see, this is not much. A minute to pour water and set to soak, and a couple of minutes to wash and rinse. They dry well and without your participation.

So do not be lazy, give it only 5 minutes a week. Your skin will thank you very much.

13. Habit to Always be on a Diet

Girls, this applies primarily to you – stop plaguing yourself with different diets.

You need to eat balanced. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates must be in your diet.

Be on a diet

You can’t go on a diet in which there is, for example, only one product or that completely excludes proteins or fats… This is harmful to health, in particular to the skin. Everything should be in moderation.

In this article, I will not delve into the issue of proper nutrition. I examined this issue in detail in the article proper nutrition for beautiful healthy skin.

14. Bangs and Long Hair

Another hidden enemy can be long hair and bangs. If they are in constant contact with the skin of the face, neck and back.

So what to do now, wear a short haircut and no bangs?

No, why such extremes.

For example, I have long hair below the waist and I really like to wear side bangs. So for me this point is not too pleasant, but I found a way out.

Long blonde hair

Every day I can safely wear flowing hair and bangs. Due to the fact that I properly care for the skin, in particular, clean it well, I have no irritations and inflammations.

While at home, I try to move hair out from my face, braiding it in a spikelet or something else.

Thank God, this item doesn’t cause me any skin problems, but you look at your skin condition. It’s best to pick up a couple of hairstyles that are perfect for you and allow you to move hair out from your face. And wear it 2 times a week.

If you wear bangs, then use special wipes to remove oily sheen. With them you can wipe all those parts of the face that your hair is in contact with.


And now about the most important thing that actually causes skin irritation and inflammation…

Namely, hair care products: shampoos, conditioners, creams, gels, foams, hairsprays and so on.

For hair, these products are very good thing, but when they get on the skin… They clog pores and often cause acne and various inflammations.

So what to do, how to care for your hair?

First, wash your hair separately from your body. What I mean? I mean, just wash your hair with your head down, no matter how strange it sounds.

So you will protect the skin of the back from clogging pores, acne and all kinds of rashes.

There is a version that you cannot wash head with head down because you damage the cuticle.

But in my opinion, this is outdated information and that’s why.

You wash your hair for hair growth, everything is in order here, but the essence is only in what you do after that.

According to the theory: when the hair after washing is lowered back (to its original state), they can become tangled, and comb wet hair for some reason you can’t.

This is such nonsense! The owners of thick long hair, which also need to be straightened every time, will understand for sure.

If I don’t comb my hair while it’s wet and dry it like that, then I will never ever comb it again in my life.

Right hair washing

Here’s what I do – I either use a professional shampoo and balm that smoothes hair and makes it easier to comb. Or apply a mask on my hair for 3-5 minutes, then rinse off. The mask nourishes the hair and allows you to comb them easily, and most importantly without harm, even when wet.

I comb my wet hair with a comb for wet hair and blow dry and with round brush.

I use a special dryer with ionized air, which splits droplets of water and hair can absorb them normally.

So if you have read articles that wet hair can’t be combed and that the hair dryer spoils the hair, then all this is nonsense. You just need to use professional cosmetics that will make your hair obedient and make combing easier.

About 10 years ago, yes doing it really was bad for the hair. But now modern technologies help to care for themselves quickly and efficiently without harm to the hair.

And what to do with styling products, how to apply them correctly without harming the skin?

Be sure to wear some T-shirt when applying styling products to your hair, which is not too pity to get dirty. This will save your back from acne. Also, make sure that styling products don’t get on your face.

If you spray hairspray on your hair, it is better to cover your face with something, at least with your palm. So that the hairspray doesn’t get on the skin.

15. Sit Under Air Conditioning

Air conditioning can be a real salvation in the heat, but it mercilessly dries the air, from which our skin suffers – it becomes dry and dehydrated.

Of course, you can buy air humidifiers. But in addition to air dryness, the air conditioner has a lot of other disadvantages, and alas, the air humidifier can’t cope with them.

But if you work in an office with air conditioning and you can’t do anything about it… Here are some tips for you.

First, carry a moisturizing mist that you can apply to your skin several times during the day.

Secondly, carry a hand cream with you and use it once every 2-3 hours.

Third, drink more water, which will help you avoid dehydration.

That’s basically all the basic habits that make your acne worse and prevent you from getting rid of it.

In the article causes of occurrence and acne treatment methods, I spoke in detail about the main causes of acne, how to eliminate these causes, as well as cosmetic procedures that will help you get rid of acne once and for all.

In the article, habits that will save you from acne, I have collected the best habits that you need to develop in yourself, so that you don’t have any skin problems.

Causes of Occurrence and Acne Treatment Methods
Habits that Will Save You from Acne


There are many things that we do daily, and which greatly affect our skin condition. Wean from bad habits, accustom yourself to good habits and your skin, and health in general, will thank you very much.

I hope this article was useful to you and you learned something new for yourself.

I wish you good luck and patience in your pursuit of perfect skin.

Love yourself and be beautiful!

Written by Daria

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