Causes of Occurrence and Acne Treatment Methods

Causes of Occurrence and Acne Treatment Methods

Unfortunately, not only teenagers face a problem like acne. Many adults are concerned about this problem, that cause a lot of inconvenience.

If you dream of a beautiful, well-groomed skin, without a hint of rashes, then you have come to the address. In this article I will give skin care tips that everyone can apply regardless of gender and age.

In this article, I will tell you about the most common causes of acne, as well as effective ways to get rid of acne once and for all.

Causes of Acne Occurrence

1. Unhealthy Food

It is proved that junk food threatens not only overweight, but also acne and premature skin aging.

I think we all heard something like this – if you want beautiful skin and a toned body, then there is no more sweet, salty, flour, fatty, fried, smoked, and forget about chips, soda and fast food until the end of your days.

So here, you don’t need to do that.

Unhealthy food

To be honest, I like to eat properly, eating fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water, juice and green tea, and so on. But I never really bother with that.

That is, I easily eat sweets, and without a bread I don’t manage more than one meal. Also, I can calmly eat couple of times a month chips and drink soda, and this will not affect my skin condition.

Yes, unfortunately there are people who get fat from a single grain of sugar. Or who have terrible rashes from one eaten cake or an orange or something else.

In this regard, as in principle and in everything, everything is individual.

I just know from my own experience that everything is good in moderation. That is, you can easily eat one or two cakes and a couple of slices of chocolate per day, without fear of the consequences.

Another thing is that all these diets can and should be carried out in order to find out how your body reacts to certain products.

If you have systematic rashes after eating a product, then maybe you are just allergic to it.

In the article proper nutrition for beautiful healthy skin, I spoke in detail about the products that need to be eaten, as well as those whose use should be minimized.

Food for clear skin

Here is a short list of products that generally have a positive effect on the skin and help get rid of acne: nuts (walnuts, almonds, peanuts, Brazil nuts …), green fruits and vegetables (different varieties of cabbage, green apples …), tomatoes, grapes, mushrooms, whole grain cereals (buckwheat, quinoa, oats, rice (especially brown) barley), green tea, spices (ginger, turmeric, basil, cinnamon), soy, cocoa.

Food for clear skin

It is very important not to overeat – this can affect not only overweight, but also the general condition of the skin, and health in general.

You need to eat in small portions, but 5-6 times a day. Those who play sports and gain muscle mass are familiar to this. For some, this may sound too much, but believe me, there is nothing to worry about.

2. Missing or Improper Skin Care

Use of alcohol lotions

The worst thing you can think of is using an alcohol lotion to treat acne. Yes, alcohol dries the skin and it would seem that this is exactly what is needed for the skin, which emits too much sebum and constantly shines.

But everything is exactly the opposite.

Now I will explain how alcohol lotions work.

They remove fat from the surface of the skin, draining it mercilessly, and destroying the pH and hydrolipidic balance of the skin. And the skin at first may look normal – no greasy shine. But the fact is that it is wild stress for the skin, and after a while it will respond to alcohol only by secreting more sebum, which will lead to new rashes and inflammations.

Using alcohol lotions

A small alcohol content in cosmetics is absolutely normal. When buying a skin product, always see the list of ingredients. Alcohol should never be at the beginning of the list of ingredients, neither first, nor second, nor third … It should be somewhere in the middle, and preferably at the end.

By the way, the same applies to means with camphor and menthol.

With alcohol sorted out. Next …

Too hard, frequent or complete lack of exfoliation

Both that and another and the third are bad.

Peeling for any skin, especially for sensitive, irritated and prone to acne, should be soft. And with soothing ingredients such as tea tree oil, green tea, aloe, Centella Asiatica and the like.

Also, even the most delicate peeling can be used a maximum of 2 times a week, not more often, otherwise it can harm the skin.

Next …

Skin exfoliation

Lack of proper cleansing, toning, moisturizing and protecting

Yes, yes, even the oiliest skin needs hydration, it may even be more necessary than for dry skin. But the skin care products you need to choose exactly those that are designed for oily and problem skin prone to acne.

And also, men, I appeal to you, your skin also needs toning and moisturizing and protection, not only cleansing. I advise you to Korean cosmetics, and not only because my blog is mostly about the Korean cosmetics. But also because, in addition to its natural composition, it has a universal fragrance.

You can read the article men’s skin care or how Korean men take care of their skin. There I talked about everything in much more detail.

In the article best Korean cosmetics for problem prone acne skin, I cited the best Korean skin care products that really help cope with acne.

Best Korean Cosmetic for Problem Prone Acne Skin

And also in this article I gave some tips on how to properly use Korean acne remedies to achieve the best result.

Can I use BB cream

Don’t be afraid to use therapeutic masking agents like BB creams (blemish balm), which not only mask flaws well, but also help get rid of them. But when using them, pay special attention to cleansing the skin.

By the way, BB cream can be safely used by both men and women.

Men, if you are afraid that someone will see that you have masking BB cream on your face, here is a little advice. First, choose a shade that best suits your skin tone. And secondly, if this is not comfortable for you, then you can apply it not to the whole face. But only to problem areas that need to be masked.

Also don’t forget that in the evening BB cream must be thoroughly washed off the skin.

10-step Korean skin care routine

You can read about the proper skin care in the article Korean skin care routine, in which even as many as 10 steps, but don’t be afraid, of course, you don’t need to do so much every day. This care can and should be customized according to the needs of your skin.

And we move on …

3. Hormonal Disorders

But hormonal disorders occur for very different reasons from stress to diseases of the internal organs.

But you should never panic – the latter is unlikely. And it often happens that we start to be afraid of something and because of this, symptoms appear that have never happened before. If something bothers you, consult your doctor to find the cause.

I don’t have a medical education, so I can’t explain it in a qualified manner.

So we move on to the next point.

4. Teenage Years

The most common cause of acne is a surge in hormones in adolescence.

Teenage acne is stress, tears, and low self-esteem. Often parents make a big mistake, leaving the situation to chance and saying: “Don’t worry, it will pass by itself.”

But as practice shows, unfortunately this is far from always the case. If you do nothing with teenage acne or fight it wrong, you can aggravate the problem, which will lead to unpleasant consequences in the future.

Is acne treatment different for adults and adolescents

In principle, the same acne treatment products are suitable for adolescents as for adults, in particular serums and creams. Check out my article best Korean cosmetics for problem prone acne skin, where you will find a lot of useful things.

For teenage skin care, I would recommend aloe vera gels, Klairs cosmetics, and line with acids by Some By Mi AHA, BHA, PHA 30 Days Miracle.

If you are now from 12 to 17, then you don’t need all the skin care products from the line. It will be enough foam, toner (as a conductor of nutrients deep into the skin), serum (it is the most concentrated and effective) and instead of a cream it is better to use an emulsion. Sun protection is also important at any age.

Best Korean Cosmetic for Problem Prone Acne Skin
Best Klairs Skin Care Products You Should Try – Klairs Best-Sellers

5. Genetic Predisposition

To date, scientists have proven that a genetic predisposition actually plays a large role in the occurrence of acne.

But don’t despair over this. Even if all of your relatives have always had skin problems, this doesn’t mean anything. You will be the first to break this vicious circle and achieve perfect skin.

Genetic predisposition

Don’t think that genetics inevitably dooms on acne. This is not true at all.

Daily skin care, proper nutrition and physical activity will help you cope with all this.

The most ideal option for solving skin problems – sign up with a cosmetologist. A cosmetologist will not only cleanse your skin but will also advise you in terms of skin care and help you choose skin care products.

And remember, never leave your skin on chance, it will never thank you for that. Even if you now have minor skin problems, remember, prevention is always better than treatment.

6. Stress

You can, of course, not take seriously the idea that our inner feelings affect the condition of our skin, but that’s just it.

Especially if you noticed that acne periodically appears on the eve of any important day, the idea that the reason is still in stress doesn’t seem so crazy.

Stressed girl

Cortisol and adrenaline produced during stress are key factors. A chain reaction starts: the release of cortisol provokes the expansion of capillaries, the vessels become more fragile, and because of this, inflammation or irritation appears on the skin.

And if you are genetically predisposed to skin problems, then this can trigger the onset of acne. Moreover, cortisol slows down tissue regeneration, reducing the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, and the skin literally loses youth.

How to reduce the effects of stress on your skin

The most correct in such a situation is to establish a full healthy sleep. Ideally – from 10 to 11 pm you should already fall asleep, since it is during this period that melatonin is actively produced – a very important hormone that protects us.

The good news is that the negative effects of stress on the skin can be neutralized.


First of all, you need to learn how to relax, no matter how hard your day was. Do things that help you relax. Go for a walk, listening to beautiful calm music, read your favorite book, cuddle a cat or dog – animals are so cool, smart and anti-stress. In general, find an option for yourself.

For example, I like to read the Bible, play sports and do stretching, and I just like to talk heart to heart with a loved one – this always makes me feel better.

Emotion control

Learn to control yourself in any situation. This is useful not only for the skin, but also in order not to say or do anything that you will later regret.

Yes, I know, it can be difficult. If someone screamed at you at work or shoved you on the street or in public transport, or maybe the cashier in the store didn’t return the change to you. Unfortunately this happens often.

Just don’t get angry and don’t be offended by these people. But think about it like this – he probably had a hard day. Or something must have happened to her. Or it is possible that this person has some kind of childhood injury, and all that reminds about it – it hurts, so he answered so sharply and so on.


Learn to understand and forgive other people. It will become much easier for you, and you will feel much closer with them. You with your right reaction can change everything, not only your life, but also the lives of the people around you. You can bring them joy, love, happiness and the healing of their possibly crippled souls, with would seem just such a trifle as your correct attitude.

Also, don’t waste your time and nerves on judging and gossip. Firstly, this is a sin, and secondly, what is the use of them. And thirdly, you are not exposing yourself in the best light.

There are situations over which we are not in control. Yes, we can change a lot, but if this is not this case, then learn to let go of the situation and not worry about and think about it anymore.

At first, dealing with all this will be difficult. But if you are patient and persistent, then you will surely succeed.

7. Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep, by the way, is also stress for the body.

Of course, if you are the owner of oily skin, then rashes are by no means uncommon. But chronic lack of sleep only exacerbates the situation.

Going to bed late

Indeed, during a night’s rest, the level of the stress hormone cortisol, which in particular affects sweating and skin secretions, decreases. By depriving yourself of sleep, you force the body to produce cortisol in stressful amounts, which increases sweating and oily skin.

The result is visible in the mirror after a few days. This is why lotions and other products for problematic skin can remain ineffective for years, until you normalize your sleep and activity schedule.

Why healthy sleep is so important

Many know that it is during sleep that the main processes of regeneration occur in our body. By reducing the time of rest, you are depriving your body of the possibility of full recovery.

And the “cumulative effect” is reflected, first of all, on the face. In particular, the synthesis of collagen responsible for the firmness and smoothness of the skin slows down. The result is sad – the appearance of creases, wrinkles and a change in the shape of the face. Yes, and traces of rashes or small scratches heal much more slowly.

Healthy sleep

Therefore, even if you have read all kinds of techniques for fast sleep, how to sleep 4 hours a day and not get tired – forget about it.

Yes, I know that in a day it’s only 24 hours and it seems too much to spend 7 or 8 hours of them on sleep. Just think about what your time is spent on. Most likely you will find that most of it goes unproductive.

In addition, if you want to increase your productivity, then lack of sleep is just the opposite.

If you want to always stay young and beautiful, then normalize your sleep pattern. Lack of sleep threatens not only acne and early wrinkles. But also cellulite, bruises and bags under the eyes, headaches, decreased attention, a depressed state, as well as major health problems, in particular with the heart and blood vessels.

Think again, you need it?

8. Abuse of Poor-Quality Decorative Cosmetics

Well, I think that comments are redundant here.

Poor-quality base for makeup, foundation or BB cream, rouge, powder, and so on can cause great harm to your skin.

Abuse of poor quality decorative cosmetics

For myself, I found a way out – Korean cosmetics. Koreans have no concept of decorative cosmetics – they call all of this skin care.

That is why Korean bases for makeup, foundation and BB cream treat, moisturize and nourish the skin, regulate the sebaceous glands and prevent the appearance of acne and wrinkles. And also they reliably protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and other harmful environmental factors.

9. Bad Habits

Oh, these habits! No wonder they say habit – second nature.

The little things that we do every day can very significantly improve or worsen the condition of our skin.

In the article, the habits that make your acne worse, I talked about the things that we do often and sometimes don’t even think about how much harm this can cause to the skin.

And in the article habits that will save you from acne, I talked about what habits you need to develop in yourself, so that your skin is always beautiful, clean and well-groomed.

Sorry that I didn’t list everything in one article – it would have turned out to be huge. I thought it would be more convenient.

Here I will list the most famous and obvious bad habits that cause great harm to the skin, and indeed to health in general.

Habits that Make Your Acne Worse
Habits that Will Save You from Acne

And let’s start with the most obvious …

Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs

This is a bad habit number one of the most bad habits. Alcohol, tobacco, electronic cigarettes, light and hard drugs – all this literally destroys a person. From this, a person gradually degrades mentally, and diseases begin to develop in his body at different speeds.

I don’t want to scare you at all, but this is a scientifically proven fact.

If you’ve ever seen Koreans, especially if you watched Korean dramas, then I think you couldn’t help but notice how perfect their skin is, both men and women. And the point is not only in skin care, but also in the fact that Koreans, at least for the most part, don’t smoke.

But with alcohol, unfortunately, everything is much more complicated. Not everyone, of course, there are many Koreans who don’t drink alcohol at all.

But let’s be honest with ourselves.

Why do people drink:

To forget something, usually something that brought a lot of pain. Or to become more self-confident, more relaxed and open, so that it is easy to get to know and communicate with people. To relax after a hard day, relieve stress.

Also, people drink because they believe that they immediately seem to be adults – you can only drink from 18. Because many of their peers do it. Because it seems cool or they think they will become cool because of it.

Don’t you think that too often people rely on alcohol. For many, it’s like a crutch that helps them move forward, or like a tool that turns on self-confidence.

Why do people drink

Alcohol can only work for a moment, taking away bad thoughts, fatigue and uncertainty. It’s like taking a loan, which needs to be repaid much more than you took. If you gave up alcohol on time, then you paid the entire loan on time. And if not, if you have delayed the payment of the loan for several months, or maybe years … Then wait for the collectors from the bank who will shake you to the last penny and leave with nothing.

Alcohol is also, at first it seems harmless or even necessary, but if you do not refuse it, it will bring irreparable harm not only to your beauty and health, but also to your personality.

If you drink alcohol for any of these reasons, think about who you are without it. Maybe you are a completely different person and just afraid to admit it to yourself.

Advice for those who want to quit alcohol

If you drink alcohol because of self-doubt and want to become bright, confident, charismatic and learn to communicate well with people, then I advise you the YouTube channel Charisma on Command. There you will find a lot of useful information about how to be charismatic and self-confident. And this is often explained by the example of famous personalities such as Chris Hemsworth, Oprah Winfrey, Trump and so on.

For myself, I found this channel incredibly useful.

10. Overeating and Junk Food

I already spoke about the improper nutrition, so I’ll briefly talk about the overeating.

Overeating is a form of addiction, which often manifests itself when a person refuses alcohol, smoking or drugs. In other words, one dependency is replaced by another.


You should know that any excess food in our stomach is not digested and turns into toxins, in other words – to rot.

According to British scientists, 95% of all human diseases arise from contaminated intestines. Therefore, it is better to get a little undernourished than overeat.

And we move on to the next point …

11. Lack of Physical Activity

A sedentary lifestyle affects not only the work of the brain, weakness develops, working capacity and mental activity decrease, appear insomnia and excessive fatigue, and this also greatly affects the appearance, in particular the condition of the skin.

Exercising benefits for skin

Cardio workouts can improve dry skin and help fight acne. We get such a good result thanks to the active work of the sweat glands. Sweat balances the level of sodium and calcium in the body, leaves through the pores and cleanses them of dirt, fat, dead cells, bacteria. Result: clean, healthy skin.

Regular exercise in any sport has a positive effect on the body. As a result of regular sports, we get a beautiful, toned, healthy body, a flowering appearance and no skin problems.


Exercise can also reduce swelling. This is especially true for the area around the eyes. Which first signals problems caused by a lack of healthy habits. Sport helps to get rid of bags under the eyes and dark circles. Again, the reason is improving blood circulation.

Sports also help in the fight against wrinkles. This is not so long ago proved by scientists from Denmark. Their study showed that regular exercise for a long time stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin, improving skin thickness.

Which sport is better to choose

As you can see, sports have a direct effect on the state of muscles and skin. This is another argument why daily exercise should become your habit. What exactly you do is up to you. And it’s not even necessary to be limited to one thing.

For example, I like to run, do martial arts, fitness and stretching.

Which sport is better to choose

There are many options. It doesn’t matter what exactly to do. The main thing is that you should like it and you enjoy it and you get a lot of positive emotions doing that.

If you are afraid that you will soon abandon everything, then I have for you …

Some tips on how to develop a habit of regular exercise

Find yourself a person with whom you can practice together. It’s always more fun together, besides you can cheer on each other and compete with each other.

Come up with a fine. That is, tell your friend that if you don’t go to training today, then you will pay him $50 or another amount that on the one hand will not be superfluous to you, but will not “bite” too much.

These are the most effective ways to get yourself up off the couch and do something.

How to develop a habit of regular exercise

But think about it differently – it is necessary, first of all, for you to be young, healthy and beautiful. I think that at least once everyone wanted to have a body like fitness models and catch the admiring glances of others.

All in your hands! You can achieve this if you really want to.

12. Dental Problems

Oddly enough, but problems with teeth can provoke rashes on the face.

You can sit on a vitamin diet, regularly go to the gym, use the best skin care products and still suffer from acne. In this case, dentists recommend not to look in the mirror, but to take on a toothbrush.

Dental problems

Oral health problems can have consequences for the entire body. Bacteria from the mouth can easily enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation, infection and disease.

To put it simply: while brushing your teeth, germs from your mouth can get on your skin and cause inflammation. It is unlikely that you will get an incurable disease, but trouble in the form of acne is guaranteed. However, problems will only occur if you ignore all the recommendations of dentists.

How to solve this problem

And here is a way to help you prevent this and get rid of acne, provided that the cause of its occurrence is a mouth infection. Be sure to wash your face after brushing your teeth.


I know that many people do this – first they wash face, and then brush teeth. I also did this before, but I disaccustomed myself. And this is what helped me …

At 19, I began to take care of my skin in the morning and evening on a 10-step Korean system. To do this, you need to apply different skin care products to the skin. And if you first apply them and then brush your teeth, then the products are washed off from the bottom of the face. And so that this would not happen, I first started brushing my teeth, and only then did skin care.

So I lost this habit quite quickly.

And now we turn to methods of treating acne …

Acne Treatment Methods

There are different ways to treat acne, but the whole point is in an integrated approach to fundamentally get rid of the problem. What do I mean by an integrated approach? I mean daily skin care, with properly matched skin care products, the right diet, which should be at least 80% of your ration, regular physical activity, as well as salon procedures that help get rid of acne.

Do I really need professional beauty treatments?

It all depends on how deplorable your skin condition is. If you have a couple of pimples that periodically come out and have a few black heads, then you can basically cope on your own. I mean daily skin care, proper nutrition and exercise.

But if you have a large part of your face covered with rashes, which can also hurt and become very inflamed, it is better to go to the beautician. The doctor will help you choose the right skin care products, prescribe procedures.

Acne treatment methods

But the fact that you go to the beautician doesn’t mean at all that you can relax and do nothing yourself. The cosmetologist will choose the skin care products for you. Don’t be lazy to use them, and also don’t forget about diet and sports.

And now I will tell you about the professional beauty procedures, which will help you get rid of acne once and for all.

1. Mechanical Face Cleaning

Mechanical or manual cleaning is one of the most effective cosmetic procedures in which the beautician removes acne with fingers or special loops. Black or white heads on the face (comedones) are removed manually.

Mechanical face cleaning

Manual cleaning is the most traumatic procedure of all cleaning, and also the most painful (depending on the individual sensitivity threshold). After cleaning for three days, redness may remain – traces of removed comedones. Manual cleaning can be done once every 1-1.5 months.

Despite the fact that this method of cleaning is quite unpleasant, it is very effective. Oily and problematic skin will become much cleaner, provided that this procedure is performed by a professional, subject to all the rules of asepsis and antiseptics.

Difference between professional mechanical cleaning and cleaning pores at home

Outwardly, mechanical facial cleansing is similar to self-squeezing acne, but with the observance of cosmetic and hygienic precautions. This is the most thorough of all cleaning methods, helping with especially advanced cases.

Since during this procedure the cosmetologist not only cleanses the skin of the face from superficial impurities but gets directly to the mouths of the sebaceous ducts, mechanical manual cleaning allows you to remove even closed deep-sitting comedones, which other types of cleansing can’t cope with.

The result of manual mechanical cleaning of the face will be well-breathing skin with almost imperceptible pores, an even complexion, and comedones and pimples will almost completely disappear. A few days after this procedure, the skin becomes elastic and soft, it is well moisturized and looks healthy.

2. Atraumatic Face Cleansing

This type of cleansing is the safest method to date of skin cleansing for acne. Atraumatic cleaning can be carried out at any age, and it has a long-lasting effect.

With acne, any skin damage is the “gateway” for infection, so a gentle atraumatic cleansing procedure can be the best way to care for your face. Cleaning is carried out without steaming and mechanical impact.

Atraumatic face cleansing

During the session, the doctor in a certain sequence applies specially selected creams, gels and pastes to the affected areas of the skin. Which penetrate the pores and deeply cleanse the skin. Regularly conducting this procedure will help you maintain problematic skin in good condition: cleanse pores, regulate sebaceous glands, stimulate microcirculation and significantly reduce the risk of relapse.

So if you are afraid of pain during mechanical cleaning of the face, then be sure to try atraumatic cleansing.

3. Phototherapy

This is one of the most effective ways to defeat acne. The procedure is that the skin affected by acne is affected by strong and short-term flashes of light. The wavelength of such outbreaks has a strictly defined wave. Which is tuned to a certain degree of skin damage in this particular case.

The composition of the light spectrum is selected, so as to irradiate the porphyrin, which occurs due to the vital activity of bacteria. Due to irradiation, porphyrin enters into a chemical reaction with harmful bacteria that cause the inflammatory process in the skin and neutralizes them.

Skin phototherapy

With acne phototherapy, you can reduce the intensity of inflammation, reduce the number of lesions, make the skin less oily. The procedure lasts about half an hour.

But despite its effectiveness, phototherapy has several disadvantages. After the procedure, the skin may have a slight swelling, slight burning sensation, redness of the skin, tingling. Also, you can’t take a bath for a week, don’t go to the bathhouse, sauna or steam room. During the week, you can’t carry out any cosmetic procedures, massages, and avoid friction in the irradiation area. A week not to engage in intense sports.

After the procedure, several weeks should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, the procedure is best done in winter.

4. Light Chemical Peel

Chemical peeling is still the most popular anti-acne treatment. During the procedure, a weak acid solution is applied to the skin. Which, gently penetrating the skin, provides uniform exfoliation of old dead cells to a predetermined depth and at the same time has an anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates the growth of young cells.

Light chemical peel

As a result, the relief of the skin is leveled, its tone increases, its structure improves, and the collagen and elastin fibers are actively synthesized. There are many varieties of peelings. Beautician will help you choose the right product for your skin that will cope with the problem quickly and effectively.

5. Mesotherapy

This is an injection method that targets the problem purposefully. Introduced meso preparations or their mixtures (cocktails) provide local, only at the skin level, action of active substances. So you don’t have to take antibiotics. Injections of correctly selected preparations can quickly remove the inflammation process, eliminate acne and post-acne spots, reduce oily skin, strengthen its protective mechanisms and find a natural, healthy complexion.


The advantages of mesotherapy: minimum side effects, no recovery period, good compatibility with other cosmetic methods and a pronounced therapeutic effect – made the procedure very popular.

6. Bio-Dermabrasion

Bio-dermabrasion is a comprehensive salon procedure that combines chemical and mechanical methods of skin cleansing.

This is the process of removing the upper layer of the skin, which consists of dry, already dead cells. Thus, bio-dermabrasion allows you to effectively cleanse the skin, eliminating its defects and releasing a healthy layer of cells. At the same time, bio-dermabrasion intensively stimulates the processes of renewal in the skin.


The procedure begins with the application of a cleanser containing acids. Then drugs are applied that moisturize the skin, stimulate its metabolism and prepare for mechanical peeling. Finally, the beautician treats the skin using a device with a special vibrating nozzle, after which an individually selected mask is applied. In conclusion, a restorative and soothing cream is applied to the skin.

Bio-dermabrasion is carried out on the face, neck and décolleté, can last about an hour and immediately gives a visible effect. The skin becomes smooth and delicate, complexion improves, minor defects disappear. In general, the procedure perfectly moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin, smoothing the relief and increasing its firmness and elasticity.

Final words

These were the most popular and most effective procedures that really help get rid of acne. I hope this article was useful to you, and you found in it the information you need.

To be honest, I never did any of these procedures, because, thank God, I never had any serious skin problems. I manage my efforts – daily skin care in the morning and evening. As well as balanced nutrition and sports – this is enough for me to keep my skin in excellent condition.

If my pores suddenly become dirty and black heads appear, then they can be eliminated at home by steaming the face, special skin masks and stickers for the nose and other areas of the face that help get rid of the blackheads.

But if you have a lot of rashes and deep comedones, then it’s better not to squeeze them yourself. But make an appointment with beautician. Because it’s very easy for yourself to damage your skin and earn post acne scars that last a long time. In addition, they then need to be whited. Think about whether you need such a headache. Or is it easier to go to a beautician who will quickly solve all your skin problems.

But if you still decide to squeeze a pair of pimples yourself, then here’s a life hack that I myself use …

Life hack to get rid of redness and prevent scaring

Firstly, it is better not to apply any alcohol, even pointwise, to wounded skin in the area where you squeezed a pimple. I use micellar water instead of alcohol.

Then wait a couple of minutes, so that at the place of the squeezed out pimple, the ichor has dried. And apply aloe vera gel on top. I always do this when I manually clean my pores.

Aloe gel promotes fast healing, and also soothes irritation and quickly removes redness.

Best Korean Aloe Vera Gel


Acne treatment requires an integrated approach, which includes proper skin care, proper nutrition, sports, giving up bad habits and developing good habits that help get rid of acne, as well as a cosmetologist’s procedure.

I hope I didn’t scare you so much, that there is a lot of things to do. But believe me, this is not scary at all and not difficult.

By doing all of the above, the result will not be long in coming. The main thing is to do it regularly and enjoy what you do.

Imagine, you want to get rid of acne, and as a result, in addition to beautiful skin, you get a toned healthy body, get rid of bad habits, and in general it disciplines you and makes you better and stronger as a person.

I wish you good luck and patience, as well as hard work and perseverance. I’m sure that you will succeed.

Love yourself and be beautiful!

Written by Daria

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