The 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine

10-step Korean skin care routine

The beauty of Korean beauties is impossible not to admire. Perfect glass skin, shiny hair, slender, taut bodies … And all this at 50!

How do they do it? What is their secret?

Plastic surgery? Botox? Expensive salon procedures? And no! Just Asian girls in their teens begin to properly care for themselves. Their choice is to take care of themselves and their body, plus the judicious use of beauty products.

Not many of us can boast of naturally perfect skin. Acne, blackheads, post-acne scars, redness and oily sheen on the skin haven’t adorn anyone yet.

Looking at Korean beauties, you might think that they are not familiar with such problems. But in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Many Koreans have naturally problematic, oily, porous skin, prone to acne and inflammation.

About how Koreans manage to cope with skin problems, about how to achieve the effect of glass skin, as well as about my personal experience with using Korean 10-step skin care, I will talk in today’s article.

I will also talk about how to start caring for your skin according to the Korean method to make it easier for you.

And also at the end of the article I will give some tips on how to better take care of the skin using the 10-step method, in the first place to do everything quickly, and secondly to get the most out of it, and third not to overfeed the skin, which is also harmful by the way.

So, let’s begin …

What Is A 10-Step Korean Skin Care System?

In Korea, in comparison with decorative cosmetics, the most popular products are skin care products. Instead of hiding flaws with cosmetics, Koreans choose skin care that can radically fix the problem or even prevent it.

The most common is 10-step care. This method is suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, age or skin type.

The 10-step skin care technique is divided into two periods – morning and evening. Personally, I counted as many as 12 steps, but only 5 stand out for the main ones: cleansing, toning, nutrition, hydration and protection.

If you care that you need to do all 10­-steps of skin care twice a day, then I hasten to reassure you – you don’t need to do that.

Why is Korean 10-step skin care so popular?

First of all, 10-step care is good in that it gives a quick and lasting result.

If you want to get rid of acne, wrinkles, dry skin, any other skin problems, then Korean skin care is exactly what you need.

Skin care products are applied to the skin of the face and neck in a certain sequence, due to which the nutrients contained in them penetrate deeper into the skin.

Also, all previous remedies enhance the effect of subsequent ones, therefore it is very important that the ingredients of all remedies blend perfectly.

Why is Korean 10-step skin care so popular

If you want to know why the Korean skin care method is so effective, then read my article is Korean cosmetics good and the pros and cons of Korean cosmetics. There I spoke in detail about Korean cosmetics, why it is so popular and effective, spoke about its advantages and disadvantages.

So, follow the link, because what is Korean skin care without Korean cosmetics.

Is Korean Cosmetics Good and the Pros and Cons of Korean Cosmetics

USEFUL INFORMATION: To achieve the best result, it is best to use products from the same series, because their components are harmoniously combined. So, you can achieve maximum results.

The meaning of Korean 10-step care is to prevent skin problems. With the Korean approach, you will forget about problems such as acne, dryness, redness, blackheads and wrinkles. You will rejoice at your reflection in the mirror and joyfully think: “I deserve it.”

Now a little of my story …

My Personal Experience Using The Korean 10-Step Skin Care

Like many people in my teens, I started to have small skin problems. Either rashes or blackheads, you yourself understand that during a period of particularly acute youth maximalism this does not particularly add self-confidence.

Agree that it’s very important for everyone to look good for both girls and boys. It’s only a pity that I only learned about the Korean 10-step skin care method at 19. If I had learned about it earlier, all skin problems would have ended without even starting.

But first things first.

Korean skin care system

I stumbled upon Korean skin care, it can be said by chance when I was looking for aloe vera gel to grow eyelashes and fix some skin problems that I had stupidly made.

So, following the links, looking for what I needed, I came across an article on Korean cosmetics and, accordingly, on the Korean skin care system.

What struck me most was how Koreans have such perfect, flowless, radiant glass skin.

I really liked the fact that the author of the article promised that every day, following the simple rules of self-care and using the right cosmetics, anyone can achieve the same amazing results.

For a girl who always wanted to look good without makeup, it looked too tempting. But I nevertheless ventured to believe the author and check whether this really was so, and I have never regretted it yet.

At that time, I had more or less normal skin, a little oily, with blackheads and prone to breakouts during hormonal periods. So, for myself, I chose the line from Holika Holika with aloe vera, as aloe soothes inflammation, heals and moisturizes the skin well.

The result pleased me in the first week of use. In the second week, the skin acquired a healthy appearance, the skin tone smoothed out and rashes became much less.

Holika Holika Aloe Soothing Essence Skin Care Special Kit
Image credit: Holika Holika

A month later, I no longer recognized my reflection in the mirror. I am not exaggerating. My skin became beautiful, without a hint of rashes, well-groomed, moisturized and radiant from the inside.

Daily use of the Korean skin care method has become my habit.

I honestly admit to you that sometimes it is lazy to spend 10-15 minutes twice a day on skin care, but it’s really worth it.

Honestly, I can’t imagine my life without this skin care anymore. Especially in the morning it is a great way to wake up and just feel yourself delightfully, and in the evening, it is a way to relax and relieve stress.

So, if you are in doubt whether 10-step Korean skin care really works and whether it is worth the time spent – yes, it works and is definitely worth your time and effort. I checked it on myself.

Korean Skin Care Routine Day And Night

So, in what order to apply skin care products on the skin? It’s easy to remember – first apply funds with a light texture, and then with a heavier one. Well, or you can just write yourself a cheat sheet and use it at first.

Day Skin Care

Korean day skin care
The Best Korean Cosmetic Lines for Korean 10-Step Skin Care Routine

Step 1 Cleanser

In the morning, everything is very simple. Moisten your face with water to make it easier to apply foam. Squeeze a drop of cleansing foam into the foam maker, it turns out much more economical, from one drop you get a lot of ​​foam. Apply the resulting foam on the face and gently massage the face along the massage lines.

Skin cleansing

Then wash off the foam with water, and quickly blot it with a towel (preferably paper towels).

Step 2 Toner

Apply toner immediately.

Why such a rush? Why not wipe your face dry and then apply toner?

And the thing is that here it is necessary to observe the rule of three seconds.

Best Korean toners for glass skin

That is, in the process of washing the pores open, after three seconds the skin’s moisture decreases by several percent, after thirty seconds – by 50%, and after a minute the skin’s moisture content is already 41%. That is why in the first three seconds it is necessary to tone the skin.

After washing, quickly blot your face with a paper or disposable towel and apply a toner. In order to keep within the treasured three seconds, prepare and open the tonic before you start washing. If you don’t meet these three seconds, the aging process will begin.

Toner is also needed in order to facilitate the penetration of skin care products that you apply after it. It also restores the pH of the skin after washing.

Skin toning with toner

Toner is best applied with your hands or with a cotton pad. If you are afraid that the cotton pad will eat a lot of toner, then here is the life hack that I often use …

Fold the cotton pad in half, then again in half, tilt your head back a little and squeeze the toner from the cotton pad onto your forehead, and then evenly distribute it over your face and neck.

Just be careful not to get toner in your eyes.

But with hands, in my opinion, applying toner is much more convenient. I simply drip the amount of toner I need into my hand, rub it between my palms and apply it equally on my face and neck. If I accidentally take more, then I can moisten décolleté zone too.

There are other ways to use toner as well, follow the link to learn more.

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Step 3 Sheet Mask

Sheet mask. The step is very useful, but optional. Korean women often use sheet masks as a morning ritual before applying makeup.

Sheet mask

The only negative of these masks is that they need to be applied for 20 minutes. And in the morning, it often happens that every minute counts and spending as much as 20 minutes on the mask is simply unacceptable luxury.

Therefore, such a mask can be postponed to the evening ritual, or just treat yourself after work or after training.

What is a sheet mask?

Sheet masks are the pearl of Korean cosmetics. Wrinkles, micro-cracks and all problems that essences and emulsions have not reached, masks can easily solve.

By the way, sheet masks embody the philosophy of 10-step Korean care. At this point, you learn to love yourself and your skin. So, light the aroma candle, turn on your favorite music, put on a mask and enjoy yourself.

Due to the fabric basis, the nutrients of the mask do not evaporate. And due to prolonged contact, the skin absorbs much more nutrients than after serum or emulsion.

How to use sheet masks right?

To achieve a wow effect, many Koreans apply serum in front of the sheet mask, which improves the effect of the mask many times over. Just be careful with this, monitor the state of your skin when it really needs it, so as not to overfeed it.

How to use sheet masks right

Treat yourself with a mask 1-3 times a week for 20 minutes or apply as needed. After a Korean sheet mask, you don’t need to wash your face. Remove it, do a massage, pat your face, so that the hydrogel is finally absorbed. At the end, apply an emulsion or cream.

Moisturizers, such as cream and emulsion, “cover” the skin with a dome. So, the nutritional components obtained from the mask do not evaporate and continue to nourish the skin all day.

USEFUL INFORMATION: After using a sheet mask, very often a lot of gel remain in a pack. It can be used to moisturize the skin anywhere on the body. It is best, of course, to apply the remnants of the gel to the neck and arms. Believe me, your skin will thank you for this.

Step 4 Essence

Next, apply the essence. You need to take quite a bit of product because it is spent very economically.

Skin essence

Essence is a highly concentrated cosmetic product originally from Korea. The saturation of the essence is much higher than the cream, and they are designed to solve the following problems: cell regeneration, nutrition of the deep layers of the dermis, healing of microcracks, skin restoration and smoothing of wrinkles.

Personally, I do not use the essence every day, young skin under 25 can do without it. In principle, basic skin care is enough for young skin, but in the fight against wrinkles, the essence will be an excellent ally.

Step 5 Serum

Some Korean women skip serum or essence and apply only one of these products.

What is a serum and how to use it?

Serum is an “essence on steroids”. It contains the maximum amount of nutrients. The serum is designed to solve highly specialized tasks: lightening, smoothing wrinkles, skin tightening, against acne …


Serum doesn’t have to be applied to the entire face. Depending on the nature of the action, it can be used only on age spots or separately on wrinkles.

In general, you can simultaneously apply on the face up to 4 serums of different effects, for example, one on age spots, another on acne on problem areas, and a third with great moisturizing effect on places where your skin is most dry …

For young skin, it is best to use serums that will regulate the sebaceous glands and soothe the skin. But for mature skin you need serums with good hydration, with a strong lifting and smoothing effect.

Serums are usually used in courses of a couple of months, so carefully read the instructions for use.

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Step 6 Emulsion

Apply an emulsion to the face.

An emulsion is a product that is very similar in properties to a cream. Only has a lighter, thinner and more delicate texture.

Due to its light consistency, it softens the skin well and protects it from moisture loss, “sealing” it inside. As a result, skin tone increases, and the process of keratinization of cells slows down. Throughout the day, the face looks fresh and well-groomed.

Skin emulsion

In the hot season, or in the morning, feel free to apply the emulsion instead of cream. It also perfectly moisturizes, nourishes and protects like a cream, but does not give a feeling of heaviness.

I like to use emulsion instead of cream in the summer, because it is so light that I just don’t feel it on my skin. Often, on top of the emulsion, I apply aloe vera gel, it provides additional hydration and cools very nicely, especially if it stood for half an hour in the refrigerator.

Step 7 Face And Eye Cream

The skin has a sponge effect. You cleaned it, saturated it with extracts, vitamins and nutrients from masks, serums and essences. But if you leave it in this state, the nutrients will evaporate, and the efforts will come to naught.

The cream has a dense texture and “seals” the nutritional components, preventing them from evaporating. But the main task of the cream is hydration.

Korean moisturizers contain special ingredients that attract water molecules. They retain moisture throughout the day and prevent the skin from drying out.

Skin moisturizing with cream

In the evening, a moisturizing cream should be the last step of skin care. Pick up nourishing creams individually for the problems of your skin, the benefit in the Korean arsenal of beauty there are a lot of amazing options to consider.

Moisturizers also contain special substances that protect the skin. Such products protect not only from dryness, but also from adverse environmental factors, urban dust and bacteria.

Korean manufacturers do not separately create a series of night and day creams. In fact, there is no difference between them. There are lines with a denser consistency and, conversely, with the texture of the emulsion.

After this, it is mandatory to apply face cream and eye cream. With light movements apply the cream on the face, only along the message lines, gently driving it with the fingertips.

Eye cream should be applied with the ring finger because it is the weakest. Korean women use eye cream not only under the eyes, they also apply it between the eyebrows, in the nasolabial folds, in the corners of the mouth and a little on the neck. Special creams for these areas have not yet been invented, but eye cream does an excellent job with this task.

Step 8 Sun Protection

And completing the morning ritual – protection from the sun. Of course, in many Korean cosmetics there is sun protection factor, even in many creams and emulsions, not to mention the base for make-up or BB cream, but if it is not, then you must definitely apply it.

Also remember that all sunscreens require renewal every 2-3 hours, otherwise they lose their effectiveness. The easiest way to do this during the day is with the help of a mist with high SPF.

Sun protection with sunscreen

Ultraviolet rays are not friends for the skin. UV rays are the main cause of aging. Therefore, be sure to apply sunscreen and the more SPF in it, the better.

Koreans have a lot of various SPF products, but personally I like gels and sprays the most, because they are the easiest to apply.

Korean women always protect themselves from the sun, at any time of the year, whether the sun is shining, or it is raining. They even apply it when they are not going to leave the house, because ultraviolet rays penetrate through the windows, too.

For Koreans, snow-white skin has always been considered a symbol of beauty and high social status. And in Europe and America it is often the opposite, the brighter the tan, the better. Many girls do not leave the beach or from tanning salons at all in order to achieve the desired shade of tanned skin.

For both the results are obvious. Korean women and at 50 look at 20, and girls who are used to sunbathing are often the opposite.

In addition, ultraviolet rays are often the cause of various skin diseases. And is it really worth it? To ruin your health and ultimately beauty for the sake of some tan there?

If you are worried that without a tan you will look too pale, I advise you to read my article white skin – it is beautiful or how to look good with pale skin.

White Skin is Beautiful or how to Look Good with Pale Skin

Night Skin Care

Korean night skin care

Step 1 Cleansing Oil

The evening ritual is slightly different from the morning, namely it begins with a double cleansing.

Personally, I use hydrophilic oil only when I apply BB cream, because only hydrophilic oil dissolves it perfectly.

And without it, I have enough cleansing with a cleansing cream or foam. Although hydrophilic oil gives excellent cleansing, but then it must necessarily be washed off with foam. And when I don’t have makeup on, it’s extremely lazy to do such a skin cleansing, so I get by with a cleansing cream.

Cleansing oil

All 10-step Korean care is based on facial cleansing. This is the most important stage and basis, which should not be neglected in any case. Just washing face with water for the Koreans is simply unacceptable.

To really clean the makeup and any impurities from the face, the Koreans have developed a double cleansing. Many Korean actresses use the 424 method of double cleansing, which is much more effective than simple cleansing.

First you need to apply a special cleansing oil on a dry hand, rub between palms and apply on the face, and gently massage the face until makeup is completely removed. Cleansing oil will dissolve all makeup and prepare the skin for the second stage of double cleansing.

But how can oil remove makeup and especially cleanse skin from sebum? At first, it was a little incomprehensible to me how to apply something greasy on my face and wait for it to cleanse my skin. But, in fact, cleansing, or hydrophilic oils are the best that can be for oily, combination skin. It is also the best way to cleanse your pores.

To understand how cleansing oils work, pour a few drops of regular vegetable oil into a container of water. You will see how the oil collects in a film and does not dissolve. Fat molecules are attracted. Therefore, hydrophilic oil easily removes excess fat, decorative cosmetics and other “greasy” impurities.

Then you need to rinse this oil with warm water. It would seem that oil cannot be washed off with water, but not this. Cleansing oil has an amazing feature – if it is moistened with warm water, it turns into an emulsion, which is very pleasant to foam and is easy to wash off from the skin.

Step 2 Cleanser

10-step Korean care involves double cleansing. This means that you first remove makeup, sebum, remnants of BB, CC creams and cushions. And only then wash your face with foam.

Then comes the water-based facial cleansers you already know. I already told how to use it, so I won’t repeat myself. Foam will finally wash away dirt molecules from the face, to which cleansing oil has not reached.


Water-based products carry out jewelry cleaning. They wash and remove all the dirt deep from the pores and exfoliate dead fibers. Therefore, Koreans use foams and gels paired with hydrophilic oil.

Important Notice: Foam by itself is not designed to remove makeup, this is the task of cleansing oil.

It is very convenient to use a konjac sponge for face cleaning or a facial cleansing brush to clean the face with foam.

A few words about facial cleansing brushes …

When you use brush to clean your face, firstly, always use the softest attachment. Secondly, always soak the brush attachment in warm water before use, and in no case do not use it in a dry. Thirdly, never try to push the bristles of the brush into the skin, thinking that in this way you better cleanse the skin and get rid of blackheads faster. So, you only earn skin irritation.

With a brush, you need to carefully and gently glide over the skin, making soft circular massage movements along the massage lines. And you need to change the attachment every 3 months, so that they don’t lose their effectiveness.

Facial cleansing brush

How often can I use facial cleansing brush?

This is a difficult question. Here, the manufacturers of the brushes themselves and cosmetologists were divided in opinions. Beauticians say that no more than 2 times a week, and manufacturers say that the brush can be used every day in the morning and evening.

There is also such information that it all depends on the type of skin. Oily and dense skin can be cleaned twice a day, because it tolerates such procedures well. Normal skin type is enough to use once a day. And owners of dry skin 2-3 times a week.

So, which of them to believe, you ask?

Let’s do this way …

Start by using it twice a week and carefully monitor your skin reaction. The brush should not cause irritation and redness, nor should there be a sensation of dryness and tightness of the skin after it.

Follow within two weeks the reaction of your skin to your new gadget, if everything is fine, then you can try to use it every other day. Also test this option for two weeks. If here your skin reacts well, then proceed to daily use, and then to use twice a day.

If you are concerned about black spots, clogged pores, blackheads and other imperfections on your skin, then be sure to try the Korean 424 system.

Step 3 Exfoliating

I already mentioned this step in passing, but I did not talk about it in detail, because it needs to be applied only once or twice a week. If you do this more often, you can very badly damage the skin.

Exfoliation – this is the second step in 10-step Korean face skin care. It is done after cleansing the face with foam. This stage removes the dead cells of the stratum corneum.

After peeling, the skin becomes much softer. This step also starts the process of cell renewal and facilitates the absorption of beneficial components. For the exfoliation procedure, choose a scrub, peeling gel or peeling cream.

IMPORTANT! I wrote earlier that sometimes when cleansing the face with foam, you can use special brushes to cleanse the face or something like that. But they also partially fulfill the function of a scrub.

Therefore, it is very important to carefully monitor the condition of your skin in order to understand whether additional exfoliation is necessary.

Skin exfoliation

If you are concerned about blackheads, then pay attention to special patches or stickers against blackheads.

They must be applied to pre-cleansed skin and left, as a rule, for 10-15 minutes. They are very useful, effective and easy to use.

Depending on the manufacturer patches need to be applied differently. Some patches act only on wet skin, while others, on the contrary, on dry skin. Before use, carefully read the instructions, and you will surely succeed.

Step 4 Toner

Toning. As well as in the morning, immediately apply toner to the face. Don’t forget about the rule of 3 seconds. After washing, you need to always apply toner, because even the most delicate cleansing foams and gels disrupt the skin’s pH, and the toner restores it.

Skin toner

Unlike the ruthless western tonics, Korean toners primarily moisturize the skin.

The toner gently exfoliates and tones the skin. But most importantly, it restores the protective barrier of the skin and prepares it for further care.

Step 5 Sleeping Mask

Apply a sleeping mask. The mask works during sleep, because it is at night that the skin most effectively removes toxins and accelerates the metabolic processes in the skin cells. While sleeping, from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m., skin cells are renewed. Night masks act as jet fuel and enhance regeneration processes. The next morning you get a fresh, radiant face.

The mask should be applied with a thin layer after the toner. Toner enhances the effect and penetration of beneficial mask components into cells. Do not flush. Apply this mask 30 minutes before bedtime.

If desired, you can also apply serum under a night mask to enhance the effect.

Wash in the morning with your favorite cleanser and continue your daily skin care routine.

The mask is intended for use during sleep 2-3 times a week instead of a night cream.

The main plus of such masks is that they are very effective. Quick effect – in just one night you can see significant improvements on the skin!

But such masks have a minus. Due to the fact that they act very effectively, they are addictive. But to prevent this from happening, you need to use them only 2-3 times a week, alternating with cream.

Sleeping mask

Interesting Note: In Korean cosmetics, there is no difference between day and night cream. So, you shouldn’t spend money on the purchase of two creams, but instead use the same cream in the morning and evening.

The night mask must be selected very carefully, based on the individual characteristics of your skin, the age and effect that you want to achieve.

The feeling after using a properly selected sleeping mask is excellent – the skin is elastic, soft and smooth.

An evening 10-step Korean treatment regards sleeping masks as the last step. You apply them on your face and go to bed, preferably not with your face in the pillow. You should first let the mask soak in completely.

To be honest, I don’t use night masks, I just do my daily skin care and go to bed on time to wake up fresh and rested.

Step 6 Essence

In fact, this is step 4 in those days when you are not using a sleeping mask.

Essence. You have already cleansed, toned and prepare your skin for the adoption of serious nutritional components.

Step 7 Serum

Apply serum.

Step 8 Emulsion

Apply emulsion.

Step 9 Face and Eye Cream

Apply eye cream and face cream.

Eye cream

How To Start Using Korean 10-Step Skin Care System?

I hope I didn’t scare you so much with such an abundance of skin care products. But I repeat, you don;t need to do all these steps every day.

So how do you do it right? Where to begin?

Now I’ll tell you in detail about everything.

There are 5 basic steps – cleansing, toning, nourishing, moisturizing and protecting.

That is, for daily care, so that your skin is in good condition and so as not to overfeed it, you need only 5 products – cleanser, toner, emulsion, cream and sun protection.

Sounds like it’s not scary, really.

Korean skin care essentials

I began to take care of my skin according to the Korean method at the age of 19. But to my shame, I will tell you that I didn’t use the right cleansing. I just wiped my face with a cotton pad with micellar water, and then washed without any cleansers and devices.

But if I used at least only foam, then I would get rid of blackheads much faster.

About half a year, I managed only with toner, aloe vera gel, and also alternated emulsion and cream.

Korean 10-step skin care system

Only after about six months did I start using cleanser and more or less adjusted my skin care. But at 19 this is excusable. But you be smarter and don’t repeat my mistakes.

When you just start to care for your skin and apply moisturizers to it, it may seem that the skin simply doesn’t absorb anything. It may seem that skin care products lay like a mask on your face. But do not despair, this sensation will soon pass.

In terms of absorption of nutrients, our skin is like the soil. When it is dry, it absorbs moisture very poorly and slowly. But do not worry, after a couple of days your skin will soften, and it will be much easier and faster to absorb everything that you apply to it.

And now, as I promised at the beginning of the article, some tips on skin care for the Korean 10-step system.

How To Care For Your Skin Quickly, Using 10-Step Korean Skin Care Method?

If you, like me, don’t like to spend a lot of time on self-care, then here are some life hacks for you …

First, all the products should be at your fingertips. To do this, it’s very convenient to use a cosmetic bag, so that you would not need to walk around the house several times, looking for another jar, tube or cotton pads or something else.

Asian skin care

Secondly, no matter how strange and trite it sounds, just concentrate on what you are doing, don’t daydream. Skin care takes an average of 7-10 minutes. Unfortunately, we can’t accelerate the absorption of funds into the skin, but if you won’t digging, then everything is not as long as it seems.

In addition, proper skin care will help you save time on makeup, because your skin will look gorgeous anyway and you only need 2 minutes to apply a makeup base and BB cream.

How Not To Overfeed Skin?

Foam, toner, emulsion, cream and SPF – this is the base that can be done twice a day (morning and evening), without being afraid to overfeed the skin.

There are other products – essence and serum. Essence, in principle, can be added to daily care, but serum is a concentrated product that gives the fastest result. It is generally recommended to use like treatment courses. Serums are different – from acne, moisturizing, brightening, from wrinkles …

In general, depending on the purpose for which you purchased the serum, carefully read the instructions for its use and customize your skin care to yourself.

How not to overfeed skin

Carefully observe the reaction of your skin, learn to understand what it lacks.

Then there are things like sheet masks. They help to moisturize the skin well and for a long time.

Apply a sheet mask to cleansed skin after toner. The best option for using fabric masks is 3 times a week. But if due to heat or training your skin loses a lot of moisture, then it is possible to use it more often.

Those who like to play sports, I think they will understand me perfectly – how cool it is to use sheet masks after a hard workout, when you have lost a lot of moisture and it needs to be urgently restored. You just can wallow for 20 minutes and get high.

Life hack for those who love workout

After training, aloe vera gel helps to refresh and moisturize the skin, especially if it has been pre-cooled in refrigerator.

Read the article best Korean aloe vera gels to pick the one for yourself.

Best Korean Aloe Vera Gel

During the day it is necessary too that the skin was in excellent condition. For this, the Koreans came up with such a thing as a mist.

Mist is a miracle spray that refreshes, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It is very convenient to use during the day. And the coolest thing is that it can be applied over makeup.

And if you are afraid that your tonal base will leak or the eyeliner will smear because of it, then everything is exactly the opposite. Mist will reliably fix makeup and he will generally look fresher and neater.

And in the heat mist, in general, is a real find – pleasantly cools, moisturizes, regulates the sebaceous glands, prevents the appearance of rashes and acne, helps smooth wrinkles. Agree, a real find.

Another amazing thing that the Koreans came up with is hydro-gel eye patches. And if you think that they can be used only in the fight against crow’s feet, then you are very mistaken.

Eye patches

Firstly, patches can and should begin to be used from the age of 18-20, you just need to look at the list of ingredients so that they are free of collagen, hyaluronic acid, snail mucin and other anti-age components that you do not need to start using before 25.

Secondly, patches relieve swelling well, remove all kinds of swelling and bruises under the eyes. Those who spent sleepless nights at a laptop scribbling essays in their youth, I think they understand that such eye patches are simply a must have.

And thirdly, from a young age, eye patches, as well as eye cream, can and should be used as a prevention of wrinkles, because the problem is easier to prevent than to get rid of it later.

What concerns how not to overfeed the skin – from time to time it needs to arrange fasting days for the skin.

If you use only toner, emulsion and cream for moisturizing, then you can do without it, because this is the most necessary minimum of skin care products.

But if you also use essence and serum every day, and also use sheet masks every day, under which you apply serum, etc. … Then you definitely need at least one fasting day a week.

On such days, you can use toner and aloe vera gel or toner and emulsion.

And don’t be afraid that the skin may supposedly get used to cosmetics and no longer respond to it – this is nonsense.

If something suits you, then use it. Of course, it is always interesting to try something new, in such cases I advise you to purchase samplers, or rather a set of miniatures, since many Korean lines of cosmetics have them.


10-step Korean skin care at first glance may seem like something incredibly complex. But if you look closely, then everything is very simple.

For those who are not used to taking care of their skin, it may be difficult for you to immediately follow all of the above, I advise you to start gradually. Start by double cleansing and moisturizing with toner. Then gradually start introducing other products into your skin care ritual.

Take care of your skin on the Korean system regularly. Make skin care your habit, what you do without hesitation, like teeth brushing. Only then will it bring a really good result.

And most importantly, remember to start caring for yourself is never too early or too late. It doesn’t matter how old you are now 20, 30 40 or already far beyond 50.

Many Korean girls begin to care for their skin by this method in their teens. They have no such thing as “it’s too early for you to take care of your skin”.

It doesn’t matter how old you learned about Korean 10-step care. Personal care always brings only positive results. After all, at any age it is really good to look beautiful and well-groomed.

This Korean 10-step system really works, thousands of women and man around the world have proven this using this method.

What I like most about the Korean skin care method is that it teaches you to love yourself and work on yourself.

I wish you good luck and patience.

Love yourself and be beautiful!

Written by Daria

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